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Three cheers for Mars finally charging forward again in Scorpio, for the whole of July!

Mars backwards in your sign recently has had you in frustrating, seemingly ineffective retreat mode; cursing your lack of immediate momentum, shooting off your best Lucrezia Borgia/Cersai Lannister death stare at anyone who’s even thinking about crossing you (admit it), madly scheming how much ass you’re gonna kick when the tables finally turn in your favour/you can force your formidable will on the world once again, and frankly being in a bitch of a mood until that happens…

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating your famous, control freaky ill temper when thwarted for comic effect, lol *dodges the Scorpy death stare-runs for cover*.

Actually, chances are you’ve been happily introverted and sanely, methodically banging away at your best, long-term game plan recently; preparing to unleash your brilliance upon the world in due course? Well done, your time has come!

The wheels of Scorpio success roll forward unencumbered as July unfolds, and boy can you can feel it! Your confidence spunk and unstoppable self-assurance are back and you’re ready to pull of something fierce; so it’s so important to stay on track and fully focused on nothing less than that which truly matters to you.

Lilith in your sign says you’re nobody’s fool, and yes you can thrive if you remain uncompromising, uncompromised and grittily determined, just how you like it.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 4th is about keeping it meaningful by tuning into the emotional truth of your bigger, visionary life purpose-good. And with a flash of restless wanderlust, where it’s nicely life affirming to keep an eye on distant horizons/thrilling (potential) travel plans to look forward to as a part of the fab future you’re currently busy creating. Excellent.

Love? Firstly you’re hot right now, and if you’re into giving chase and seducing some love interest your libidinous charisma is bound to be even more effective than usual, which is saying something! And particularly the Venus/Mars synergy around the 7th is a really lovely flow of natural, easy chemistry with your current lover or, if single, any new prospect on your radar. Hint-if it is someone new-could they be from elsewhere?

Image: Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia 1997

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