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July is here and the scopes are up.

It's all about Mars completing 6 months of hanging around Scorpio/Sag, churning up so much volatile emo, restless frustration and will-to-power we haven't entirely known what to do with; and finally charging forward for the next two months over the same territory, but with a clearer intent. All those lessons in self-mastery we've been struggling with? We're now ready to put into practice and roar forward into the rest of the year stronger, more evolved and with a brilliant, confident new ferocity.

Grrrr -it's time to get it on, and make a commitment to thrive!

We also have a beautifully emotionally self aware, creatively and romantically promising New Moon on July 4th, a sexy little Mars-Venus love action on the 7th, and a powerfully transformative Full Moon on the 20th to get us moving.

July is not about mucking around, it's time to walk our talk and be brave about seizing those opportunities we've been eyeing off for so long now.

Let's go for it x

top image: Champion cowgirl rider Kitty Canutt on Winnemucca, 1916. (and no, I don't agree with rodeo riding)

bottom image: Elvis getting his bikie groove on, circa 1972 in Memphis

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