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The New Moon of the 4th in your earning sector just as Mars finally powers forward in your day-job sector can hardly be a coincidence, and a powerful new moxy for Gemini success.

Mars dithering around in your work sector for the last 6 months has maybe been a bit sketchy in terms of a fluctuating work-ethic on your part, to the extent that you’ve been wondering what exactly it is you’ve been working so hard for anyway? Bitch goddess Lilith on board has been upping your professional standards- you want a gig that affords the genuine respect you know you deserve, and anything less is frankly uninspiring.

So now that Mars is on the move, you get how to fully harness your best, ambitious determination, work any fab new opportunities available to you and make your ideal career path a reality with true grit hard yakka. If it’s worth it, it’s worth making the effort, and your willingness to get on board with this pays off handsomely by the end of July.

The New Moon of the 4th features Venus sparking up your raw talent and creativity and your ruling planet, Mercury upping your intellectual prowess for a beautifully self-assured professionalism on the job. Not to mention sharpening your already formidable charming/flirtatious/persuasive/gift of the gab; you know what you’re good at, you know what you want to be earning for it and, importantly, you know how to convince the right people to agree. Whoever said that shameless, savvy self-promotion doesn’t work was clearly not a Gemini…

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of the 20th is hot-blooded blast of passion, to rev up your love life. If you’re planning a big seduction, this would be the time, and also a powerful energy to go a little deeper, emotionally with your lover and perhaps nut out any lingering, unspoken, convoluted power-trippy vibes, the better to get on track with a more authentic intimacy between you. Romantically, be hungry and ferocious and also courageously vulnerable, huh?

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