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It's Solstice time, the turning of the year from the depths of winter/height of summer (depending where you live in the world), and that's always magical enough-and now (9.54pm July 20th AEST) we have a Blue Moon in rollicking Sag as well!

The commonly understood meaning of the Blue Moon is two full Moons in one calendar month, which ok, is unusual but a bit meh (I think) as it's only about arbritary calendar time-keeping and nothing to do with astrological energy. The really juicy type is two Full Moons in a row in the same sign; which is much more rare, and astrologically interesting as Full Moons almost always happen, methodically, one sign after the other in a fixed order of the astrological wheel; so any deviation from that implies a significant emphasis on the sign hosting the two Moons in a row -in this case freedom-loving Sagittarius.

Full Moons tend to bring up, reveal and allow us to release any emotional material we've been holding onto all month. So we had a go at expressing our fult-tilt restlessness, dont-give-a-fuq lust for freedom, an extreme -almost violent disdain for rules and details, kinaesthetic wanderlust and you know, the urge to buck off mundane responsibilities and go ride into the sunset/hitchhike down some lonesome highway etc instead last month-and now it's time to tune into this stuff again?

And also the last Sag Moon had Mars retrograde, so we were quite frustrated that we couldn't fully activate our wilful freedom as aggressively as we might have liked, and yes Mars is still retro for this one but so damn close to turning direct (June 29th) we can taste the unrestrained forward movement coming up; so it's with a whet appetite for future adventure and unapologetic self determination that we embrace this Moon.

Sag is the brat who won't play by the rules, and frankly doesn't give a fuq about the consequences (for themselves or anyone else) of their reckless attitude. And ok we want to watch any childish, foolish manifestations of that. But Sag is also the kick-ass, life-affirming attitude of take no crap and refusing to live on any terms other than our own.

Why do we love outlaw/heist/freedom fighter movies so much-and tend to barack for the fugitive who escapes into the sunset just ahead of the clutches of the law? Because we identify with the lone wolf bravado of the free spirit who says I'm gonna do it my way, on my own terms and I will never submit my personal freedom to 'The Man' dammit. We crave this, and love it when someone who is brave enough to step outside any banal, controlling, limiting paradigm reminds us that we, too, can claim our freedom in the world!

Ok so we can't all be wild-west outlaws (I wish), but this Moon reminds us to get our free-spirited moxy on, in even the simplest of ways in our daily lives. Not taking some control-freaky person's crap at work/home whatever, so we slink away and quietly plan a sane escape plan from the situation. If we want to travel-get the savings fund started to make it an eventual reality. We want a more self-sufficient income-go work on that biz plan you've been scheming. We want the physical freedom of a more fit, dynamic, strong body-go hit the gym ... etc.

And this is also a Love Moon! Venus is on board for this one, so romantic yearnings are also rising up, ready or not. Venus in Cancer craves genuine, caring intimacy and won't settle for anything less than authentic commitment , but Sag wants emotional freedom and lots of personal space! And then there's Lilith In Scorpio involved, who loves with the hottest of passions but aint nobody's fool, and completely values personal autonomy above all else even when deeply entangled. This could be awkward? Yes.

There might be some interesting-and valuable conversations coming up in certain relationships; where we own that yes we do love truly madly deeply, and how to forge a solid bond that also maintains healthy respect for one another's space, freedom to pursue our own dreams and personal imperatives and loony mood swings (lol). It's tricky, and requires a particular kind of romantic intelligence to get right- but this might be a unique opportunity to do just that. Love is unlikely to be predictable, or obvious right now-and could be doing our head in a bit. But the emotional synergy of this Moon might actually be a chance to score some rare, synchronous simpatico moment with our lover that might have eluded us previously. You can't force the magic; but when kismet strikes, it suddenly feels right to connect and you're both willing to do the work to understand one another -it's a beautiful thing...

Because actually, the main point of a Blue Moon is that it's a truly rare, unique once in a Blue Moon moment for Destiny to thrill us with the unexpected, throw a random curve ball our way in the form of some kooky, intriguing prospect -and that we grab it with both hands! Any strange new doors opening this week could be golden opportunities to pull off some feat, breakthrough or dream we've been yearning for, for ever so long; so don't let them slip by huh?

I mean the Jupiter/Destiny Point action is in full force right now as well, so we are all lucky little seekers if we stay brave, open-hearted and fully Up For It. Let's go live life like we mean it!

Happy Full Moon x

top image; Wrangler Nate Cummins

second image: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid gif

third image; gif, unknown source

bottom image: Rose Huntington Whitely by Rankin for Qvest Magazine

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