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There has been a stunning piece of astro action brewing in your sign all year, and June is when it hits peak brilliance, as follows:

Lucky Jupiter has recently been dancing around with the North Node of the Moon, otherwise known as the Dragon’s Head, because it indicates in what direction we are heading as fierce, dragon-like masters of our own Destiny. I call it the Destiny Point because it reminds us that there is a big picture story driving what we call our true Life Path-something magical that we came to do, be and achieve in this lifetime, long term; and how we might best stay connected with that as we travel forward.

Because the thing is that sometimes life sucks, or we just get caught up in the travails of daily survival and forget out bigger purpose, huh? So when, every now and again the Destiny Point is astrologically triggered, it’s like a beautiful blast of a wake up call to our true nature and our fullest personal potential in the world-and yes, you guessed it; you have it rocking your sign right now!

All of June, and the 20th-22nd in particular, is a truly amazing reveal about the ideal next step you take to align with your best life purpose; and as I said it’s been simmering all year so you must have some idea, by now what inspired aspirations/dreams are rising up in your psyche? Good, now is the time to go for it; because Jupiter is presenting a golden opportunity of some sort and ridiculous levels of rude good luck/the confident self belief to pull something major off. You really want to harness this incredible energy whilst you can, yes?

And the New Moon of the 5th picks up on this nicely- by recruiting sexy, creatively gutsy Pluto in your self expression sector, soul-matey Neptune in your love sector and a Venus in your biz sector amping up your gorgeous charm, raw talent, good looks and flirty, professional networking genius way up; all aimed at you getting way the hell ahead already. Could you be more on fire??

Romance? It’s quite fated one way or the other, and may involve finessing a soul-mate type connection with someone you (probably) already know! So sure, magical true love and all is totally on but still, you do want to watch any googly, delusional thinking like a hawk! Keep it real, sane and of your own emotional integrity. Yes you can!

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