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Mars backwards in your soul-sector all month is kind of magical, where you nail an internal shamanic ferocity that will stand you in excellent stead for the rest of the year.

Forget fluffy, new-age, ‘white-lighting’ your problems into a state of self-righteous denial, no-no-no. You are facing any personal demons head-on, realizing and harnessing whatever unconscious desires have been driving your choices lately and transforming any compulsions, addictions, fears, delusions, self-sabotaging crap etc into a more conscious, will-to-thrive kind of ferocious personal power. Yes, it’s happening, and probably whether you think you’re ready for it or not, which is useful.

Even if this feels kinda tedious- I mean who wants to be holed up doing the spiritual hard-yards when you could be out having a good time instead? Think: Mars forward from June 29th brings much easier flow to your healing process/yoga practice/therapy/self mastery gig etc. And then Mars in Sag from August 2nd will have you rocking your best, brazen self-confidence, hungry-like-a-wolf sex appeal, fiercely ambitious, tangible success moxy for sure; it’s gonna be hot -and so worth preparing for now.

Because June is about maximising the spectacular action that is your ruling planet, Jupiter, with the magical Destiny Point in your vocation sector; a powerful alignment with your best professional potential, most lucrative biz strategies and crazy-big worldly success. This has been building up all year and now, and finally hitting peak potency by June 20-22nd. And just in time for a Sagittarius Blue Moon, can you believe it, on June 29th!

It’s permission to believe in your most important dreams anew, and fully embrace your most positive Sag instincts about what is possible in your life. Just because certain, previously elusive/seemingly improbable desires and aspirations you’ve been yearning for, for so long now against the odds haven’t come together yet ; doesn’t mean they can’t magically, unexpectedly happen for you late month, with a Blue Moon flash of unexpected opportunity! Saturn in Sag and Pluto say that all the gruelling personal transformation work you’ve been putting in, for a while now, has been worth it. Yes, you’re ready for some outrageous good-fortune already…

Meanwhile, love wise, the New Moon of the 5th says somebody beautiful may well desire beautiful you; and it’s up to you to get over any Saturnine self-doubt of late and believe you’re worthy of their attention! Stay open to promising flirtatious moments, with your best romantic confidence- you never know where it may lead…

Stay fierce, and keep the faith.

“Anything you throw yourself into, you better get yourself out of” -uber Sag, Keith Richards.

Image: Helmut Newton

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