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MARS IS BACK, SEXY as HELL in SCORPIO...this time we're gonna get it RIGHT

Mars hit Scorpio from Jan 4th-March 9th this year, where he began to wake us up to our full, primal personal potential, and now he's back for a second bite of the apple from May 27th-August 2nd.

Mars LOVES being in Scorpio, it's the ancient sign of his rulership (long story), and he aint forgotten it!

Mars is the force that energises and drives us forward with that thrilled-to-be-alive zestful mojo, and in Scorpio he is particularly in full primordial, senses-tingling, force of nature lust-for-life; and determined to live it as fully and intensely as possible.

So as much as Mars has just been getting his don't-tie-me-down, freedom loving Sag thing on recently-to be continued in August- until then we're back to a more primal reckoning of getting our desires met right now dammit or someone's gonna bloody well know about it kind of libidinous immediacy!

(This might feel like it's fully brewing but just a tad stalled from now until June 29th but fear not, we will be rocking this big time throughout July!)

Image: Mr hot, scorpio rising Marlon Brando.

So here's a little list of the kind of tendencies we're all likely to be dealing with (again) for the next 5 weeks (and Lilith in Scorpio recently is only amping all this way up), for your consideration:

1. Lust. Yes, let's cut to the chase; Mars rules sex and he is horny as hell in Scorpio and no doubt about it. We're going to come to terms with our own libidos and sexuality this year, there's no ducking the reality of our urges and of course there's no right or wrongs in this dept; it's about embracing, and cultivating a healthy relationship with our own desire nature, and expressing that with integrity.

Some of us are driven by a sexual urgency/imperative more than others, and some of us are driven by a different kind of fire in the belly, and that's fine either way. The important thing is that we are accepting of our own needs, and cultivate relationships in which they can be healthfully explored.

Scorpio tends to swing to extremes of celibacy/sexual self control as well as lustful fuqing, and repressed sexual energy is a problem here; so we want to find some suitable outlet for our sexual expression, if possible? But it's also not necessary to engage in sexy action we don't really feel; this can also be an opportunity to clarify some boundaries/quality control/healthy restraint re this? And sometimes, channelling this energy into some incandescant creative expression can really hit the mark too...

It would be easy to say that we're all going to get laid constantly/lush out pleasure-wise here, and yes there is an element of that -and certainly many a hot-blooded connection is going to reach sizzling, peak-passion in the bedroom at this point -just in case you're wondering. But as I said it's really about owning our sexuality, and connection with our lovers (or not), as authentically as possible.

And the nice thing about Scorpio is that we're also looking for a deeper emotional intimacy as well, and prepared to be emotionally brave in order to really feel the nitty gritty rawness of passionate connection in our lives. Scorpio craves the scary thrill of emotional vulnerability, but is also very self-protective, and adept at bullshitting around to avoid it; and thus do we take responsibility for navigating our love lives with maximum self -awareness, yes?

2. And Mars rules our physicality and physical fitness. And ok, so bedwork may be a big part of our fitness regime (as above), lol.

But beyond that, we are into workouts where we don't just go throught the motions, but actually

challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone, and love gruelling it out and forging a new level of fierce discipline vs what we previously thought we were capable of. As my yoga teacher says (for example), we so often avoid uncomfortable sensations in our daily lives; so when we encounter a challenging moment on the mat, in some difficult asana, let's use that as an opportunity to cultivate some tapas (personal/mental discipline) and fuqing deal with it! And of course the same applies whether we're jogging/weightlifting/at a gym class etc. A full body sweat, or moving through a mental resistance to the hard work is a sign that we're really getting somewhere, yes? And I also think of this as great for the subtle, yet powerful self mastery required for a martial arts practice.

3. Ambition. Mars wants to get ahead, and in Scorpio we are quietly, devastatingly strategic about this, and acutely aware of the power trippy dynamics re biz/work etc; and we instinctively know how to play the game brilliantly.

So yes to remaining savvy, this year, about how to achieve our goals on our own terms, with full professional integrity and with the animal-cunning smarts to outfox any opposition/power-trippers around us.

Image: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola

But getting ourselves dirty indulging in narky politics/manipulative behaviour/seething, vengeful retaliation to those who stand in our way on the path to to the top of the heap? Not so much; that kind of shizz is bound to blow up in our face when we least expect it, and we end up with a hollow victory and very few friends/allies?

Let's keep our professional achievements/success stories high Qi and life-affirmingly, personal best positive this year, yes? We want to contribute something worthwhile to the world, as well as enjoy our own success, for a real sense of vocational satisfaction right now. Nice.

So let's get our spunky groove on, and fully enjoy our sexily fully awake lust for life right now. Happy Mars in Scorpio x

Image: Iggy Pop

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