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Bitch goddess Lilith struts her stuff into Scorpio just after midnight tonight AEST-suitably on a wild spirited Full Moon in Sag; cue 9 months of hot-blooded, uncompromising, sexy empowerment coming up...

Lilith is the original wild woman archetype, and by wild I mean that she exists on her own terms, happily WAY outside any social/patriarchal constructs of what the feminine principle 'should' be-she really, honestly couldn't give a fuq.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam, biblically, and after a snitch about having to 'lie under him' as terms of their marriage stormed off into the wilderness to hang out with wild animals, be fiercely free and do her own thing instead. (and after her came Eve, who had a hot thing going on with Adam for sure, but still had her mysterious chat with the serpent on the side, so to speak, but that's another story). So Lilith is a creature whole unto herself, not so much defined by her relationships with men/society etc. Yes she has relationships-and they can be quite intensely passionate actually, but she is not categorised in the world according to them.

Yes feminism, obviously. But I also read her as a deeper sense of personal ferocity for ALL of us: woman, man, animal on this planet and sovereign in our right to thrive on our own fuqing terms, and rocking whatever the hell groove we want outside any restrictive norms of patriarchal/oppressive/exploitative conquest or bourgeois morality; and fighting, always for the free spirited people, wild animals who deserve to stay unmolested in their natural environment or free of cruel farming etc, indigenous people's rights, queer/polyamory etc rights and the underdog everywhere. Yes, I know this and feminism are one and the same -or in my book anyway...

(& while we're at it feminist/current affairs wise, Hillary Clinton-creature of the 1% elite, claiming to be a feminist representative can fuq right off, if you don't mind my little Lilith political 2 cents worth.)

Anyway, this is why astrologers call Lilith the 'Bitch Goddess' affectionately. She reminds us to stand in our power, always emotionally congruent in claiming our right to our own true nature rather then being swayed by other's opinions, and certainly not seeking anyone's approval or permission to be who we are-ever.

So we don't have to choose between the 'nice' acceptable emotions that we 'should' be feeling and allow ourselves permission to feel because they make us an 'acceptable' person -to ourselves or anybody else OR allowing ourselves to feel our primal, raw, scary, 'difficult' emotions. There are many positive, life-affirming states of passion, sexual empowerment, creative bliss, personal freedom, spiritual inspiration, magical intutition, wild howling at the moon etc that are still deemed threatening, or unacceptable in certain circles-or dare I say social norms in general, and often especially for women. And we are certainly reclaiming those for our personal enjoyment right now (and ok, I am writing this under a wild Sag Full Moon lol).

But even the more 'destructive' emotions like rage, obsession, jealousy, envy, pain, unbridled lust, fear etc have their place -basic Jungian psychology tells us this; and they are far better healthfully acknowledged and integrated into our sense of self and personal wholeness-where they can be (ideally) transformed and expressed in some life-affirming way, than shoved down to lurk and fester in the unconscious. And this is where the Lilith archetype is so important and powerful in our lives!

Ok and the point is that all this is also the domain of our deeply authentic, libidinous, transgressive (when necessary) Scorpio- Scorpio loves Lilith and Lilith loves Scorpio right back! Scorpio is in many ways the ideal sign to contain, and hold the space for Lilith to do her transformative, empowering (for all of us) work in the world; and that's why the next 9 months are bound to be so exciting!

So if you can think of any areas in your life where you are seeking a greater degree of unconditional self-acceptance, facing your demons head-on courageously, a more raw, sexy, passionate relationship with someone, or just to get your thrills by flaunting your true self in the world for a change- or maybe even change the world by encouraging someone else's personal freedom? Lilith is now on hand to help you out.

Happy Lilith into Scorpio x


middle-Bito Hektor

bottom- Helmut Newton

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