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Image: Gib Lloyd of Miles City at Sundance country fair

Full Moon in Sagittarius coming up, 7.14am May 22nd AEST.

Full Moons are always a rising up of our emotional reality to the surface, and in Sag these feelings usually have to do with fult-tilt restlessness, dont-give-a-fuq lust for freedom, an extreme -almost violent disdain for rules and details, kinaesthetic wanderlust and you know, the urge to buck off mundane responsibilities and go ride into the sunset/hitchhike down some lonesome highway etc instead...

Ok, and the defining aspect of this particular Moon is that it's smack bang on top of Mars-Mr fired up, forward-progress, lust-for-life himself, which should be firing up our full throttle, unstoppable let's get moving mothafucka attitude for sure. Yes, it is actually, but get this; Mars is infuriatingly retrograde and about to abandon Sag concerns and slip back into brooding Scorpio for a while. So there's a real slow down, hold-your-horses, prepare carefully-or at least think-before you act vibe going on as well. This is SO incredibly frustrating!

We are being called to get in touch with our most wildling, outlaw, free-spirited mojo on a real, authentic emotional level; so we've got to let ourselves fully feel it in our restive bones. But we can't act on it, anywhere near as much as we would like... yet. Perhaps not until Mars gets back into Sag in August! Aargh??

No choice but to harness our willful moxy very consciously, and work on the whole self mastery thing then. Like my yoga teacher says when we're all sweating over holding some particularly excruciating pose for what seems like forever- I didn't say it would be easy! But, to continue the yoga analogy, this is what we stepped onto the mat for, yes? To extend ourselves to new levels of emotional (Full Moon) and physical (Mars) personal achievement, and enjoy the blast of endorphins that come from sticking it out good and proper.

Ok so if you're swinging between wild excitement about any new freedoms coming your way because you've goddamn worked for it and also blowing your top over how long it's bloody taking- you're kind of on track with this Moon. Jupiter, boss of Sag conjunct the magical Destiny Point will help us to find the meaning, and long term vision to keep us trucking on...

And bitch goddess Lilith into Scorpio on this Moon helps; we may be biding our time but we're still nothing if not gutsy, authentic and aint compromising our truth for no-one! And Mercury direct on this Moon is helpfully reminding us to keep communication simple-speak with your best courageous truth, but not with any tricky agenda of forcing the issue. We stay brave, true and as emotionally congruent as possible under the circumstances.

And then we have Venus in Taurus quietly in the background of this Full Moon. So we do have our basic sexual/romantic/culinary/creative/physically lush pleasures to help ground us in the here and now, and we embrace them with simple, unforced joy of being alive in any given moment; which totally helps to enlist the best, raw life-force energy of lusty Mars-whether he's retrograde or not.

So yes, go ahead and howl at the Moon, grab whatever freedoms present themselves, be an outlaw by refusing to entertain any unhealthy restrictions in your life right now and live large anyway! Good. But also respect any opportunities for healthy self-discipline presenting themselves this week-they really will turn out to be rewarding in the long term.

Happy Full Moon x

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