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So Venus rules beauty, pleasure, that which we desire, romantic love and attraction, relationships, good conversation, creativity and the arts.

Her 'airy' manifestation is Libra- intelligent relating, abstract, idealised notions of romance, aesthetic arty genius, stylish living etc.

But her 'earthy' manifestation lies in Taurus- kinaesthetic physical chemistry, comfortable relating, hugging, touching, fuqing (and not too much unnecessary chat in between lol), eating, drinking, the tactile feel of nice textiles/cushions/plush sofas etc in home decor and the tactile feel of nice fabrics/glossy hair/glowing skin/ the right personal scent etc in beauty and the tactile experience of hands-on, getting dirty with raw materials type creative expression. And that, folks, is what we're dealing with now!

Venus shimmies into Taurus 10.35am tomorrow, April 30th, AEST. And the love goddess LOVES this; where she gets right into the physical reality of her most lush, sensual, palpable appetite for pleasure and healthy, luxuriant comfortability in her own skin -and so do we.

So Venus rules romance. In Taurus we have a tendency to just really go for pleasure no matter what. It's all about successful seduction, and it must be said that this is the ultimate placement for superb bedwork, falling passionately in love based purely on astounding physical chemistry (and there are worse reasons?), volcanically sudden hook-ups if we're single on the prowl, and if partnered re-enchanting our lover by making the effort to please one another again. A touch, a look, preparing a gorgeous meal and gazing over the dinner table in a way that says we still care...

And yes, let's not forget that a major Taurus turn-on is food! We could do way worse than cooking up a storm and staging our next seduction/flirtation via some delicious feast- the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, as they say, and no doubt this applies to the chicks as well. We all love to be fed, and good company is often better with a loaf of bread, jug of wine etc... thus do we nourish our love lives in May.

And Venus rules beauty. In Taurus clothes are all about the right fabrics; if it's nice to touch and stroke our hands across a garment, it's nice to wear. We love rich, tactile, quality textures, rich, earthy colours, and the luxy feel of heavy, valuable jewellery against our skin (if we can afford it). But Taurus is also pretty earthy and simple, so fresh scrubbed, glowing skin and any natural fabrics are just as good as gorgeous layers of adornment and richly applied make-up, depending on your style.

And skin care is organic, for sure. And scent is either just-rolled-in-the-hay/just finished gardening/sweaty from a hard day's work/garlicky, herby aroma of good cooking type smell of natural living on us or a proper earthy, amber/musk/sandalwood/frankincense type perfume.

And Venus rules art and creativity. In Taurus we love the hands-on, sensual pleasure of making beautiful/practical things. Whether we're painters, builders, sculptors, gardeners, cooks, tattooists whatever we love the physical fact of brush-on-canvas, banging nails into wood, the feel of smooth stone/sticky clay, dirty hands as we make our garden grow, chopping organic veggies in the kitchen, the indelible feel of ink sinking into skin... etc. And Taurus is also wonderfully aligned with music, so this month is brilliant for any musos looking to tap into a new vein of inspiration by just sitting around and really enjoying playing with their instrument/voice etc, and allowing the muse to strike where she may.

Also, fyi, Venus is going to make a beautiful aspect to Pluto in earthy Capricorn/Jupiter in earthy Virgo mid May. This is where we really feel the flow of aligning with our healthy physicality, transforming the tangible structures in our life ( etc) with some savvy cunning, and focusing a wonderful personal discipline toward real, practical outcomes; which is going to be beautifully grounding and ameliorate any dodgy Taurus tendencies to indulge our greedy appetites to the point of bloated overkill -know what I mean?

May is full of potentially frustrating retrograde astro, btw, and it's Venus that's going to help us with a healthy patience, and capacity to embrace life's pleasures when they come, on their own terms, and have a good time despite whatever else is going on.

So happy Venus in Taurus, reminding us that life is to be savoured x

Images: top image Sophia Loren, bottom image Aradia Sunseri.

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