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You can feel something brewing in your sex/cash sector and you know it’s going to be a big, long-term deal -- but you can’t quite put your finger on what to do about it, just yet?

This is lucky Jupiter and the Destiny Point hustling a bang on chance to score more coin/financial freedom and maybe a very promising intimate entanglement; and it’s becoming clearer/more tangible by June.

The New Moon of the 7th is a nice little clue about all this. There might be a flash of inspiration re the Aqua home front/family scenario/real-estate biz, which with Mercury retrograde you don’t act on in any contractual or concrete decisions sense; but with Pluto in the background it gets you thinking about yes I can transform my life from the foundation-up type possibilities. And if you’re working the psychological and emotional aspect of this right now, however subtly, and allowing time to manifest things more literally by June -congratulations, you’re on track with the astro of May!

So then there’s the massive professional buzz that is bitch goddess Lilith into your biz sector on the Full Moon of the 22nd. This is cool! This Moon takes in your talent/self-expression sector, and a preparedness to re-consider networking strategies/social media type self-promotion/your ideal tribe/where you actually fit in the scheme of things; based on a better understanding of your own core competencies and creative proclivities. It’s a pretty broad re-assessment of your ideal niche in the world, and totally productive!

But it’s really all about Lilith on board; from late June you enjoy 18 months of brilliant vocational mojo. You’re not waiting to be invited to the party, re some job or opportunity being handed to you. No. You’re out there hustling your own gig, telling some client/boss/biz partner how it is etc with a beautifully, clear, self-empowered professionalism. You want to do what matters to you for a living, nothing less, and you have the next year and a half to get it right-this is gonna be so fun!

And Venus in your romance sector from the 22nd for a good time; where flirty come-ons, fun date nights with someone special, unexpected cute-meets etc are go…

Image: Václav Jirásek

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