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Ok, so you might have been feeling a fair bit of ennui lately: with Chiron &the South Node triggering all kinds of tricky nostalgia, feeling yanked back to tired old patterns you’d really rather be done with already and generally, frustratingly stuck.

But it’s ok! You are conquering old demons and shedding skins, perhaps more effectively than you realize at this point. You will look back at this period; so proud of yourself for sticking with the process and coming out cleaner, fresher and more self-aware than you were before.

Good, so a better relationship with self is fully on track. So what about relationship with others? Lucky Jupiter and the Destiny Point in your love and partnership sector are taking care of that. You are so over your own, ancient emo shizz and this fortifies your determination not to drag any old crap into current or future relationship dynamics. You are ready for something new, and it’s coming at you fast!

Could be a fresh new attitude in an existing partnership, which has you happily bonding over future adventures together and more excited than ever about being in love. Or if you’re on the prowl, you’ve got such a higher chance than usual of bumping into an inspiring, game changing new attraction –possibly even a soul mate type person?? And if you’re after some no strings action that’s fine too, a delightfully fun little interlude could be coming.

And you also want to watch the New Moon of the 7th for a rocking new version of making money/building some sexy new enterprise from your best creative competency. Venus in your cash sector and Mars in your biz sector say get some shameless self-promotion on already! You know you’re brilliant at what you do, and you’re prepared to do the work to make it happen; so why not let the rest of the world know how brilliant you are as well and, ultimately, make some decent coin out of it?

A snazzy job/biz empire is brewing, and whilst it might not be fully ready to go till August, you’re profitably scheming and schmoozing the right people now… Pisces self-belief is the everything.

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