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You may be starting to realize that old financial strategies and earning scenarios are not serving you as well as they used to? Which is a perfect cue to vibe way more confident about embracing a new, promising arrangement that involves a bit more risk. Yes, and you’ll need some brilliant negotiation skills with certain people/financial institutions (tax time coming up much?); but also the potential for bigger coin and, more importantly, doing something more you for a crust.

Changing the money paradigm, a little or a lot, is definitely worth considering this month…

It’s kind of got to do with how you’re re-evaluating your public status, the kind of people you want to hang out with in life, finding your niche in the world etc; and a more favourable synergy between your social and professional networks.

You’ve got Pluto lurking in your soul sector, where your instincts are incredibly sharp right now so apart from anything else; you make any big, life-path changing decisions on pure gut instinct rather than over-analysing anything too much. Which sounds pretty simple, but for such a highly intellectual, analytical sign as yourself it’s an interesting challenge to turn off the logical mind a bit and really trust your feelings. Uranus is reminding you that the Aqua intuition is a phenomenal thing, so tune in to thyself and use it, yes?

And love? Something very, very new is brewing! Could be some rad, excitingly future oriented plans with the main squeeze? Could be a wild, highly charged encounter with someone unexpected… and if so it’s not as random as it seems; fate has a hand in your sexual attractions right now-might as well pay attention!

Image: Lady Gaga

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