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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces today, 12.54pm AEDT.

New Moons are always a blast of fresh new energy; a sort of turning away from the past and viewing future possibilities more clearly, and Eclipses are particualrly magical in this regard.

And this one is extra interesting:

It's in Pisces -feelings are wildly tidal, we are highly imaginative and magical manifestation is super powerful right now.

It's conjunct the 'South Node' of the past, ancient angst and skills and talents we may have forgotten we had -conveniently conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. So we are opening up the proverbial psychic closet, and bravely facing down all our old demons -especially those with a really nasty emotional sting. So fret not if you feel like every single shitty, sludgy old issue from your emo swamp is rising up to drag you down this week; you aint gonna let it! The point of Chiron on board is that this is a healing crisis; so okay, not always fun and pretty damn confronting but healing, transformative, and an opportunity to powerfully shift old wounds in order to move forward newly resolute and emotinally healthy nonetheless. Hallellujah.

And all this feeds into the North Node/Destiny Point on lucky Jupiter. No sooner have we conquered whatever old crap, than we are boldly charging into glorious future possibilites and chasing our most prize dreams with a whole new level of brazen self belief.

So we can view this eclipse as an alchemical turning point, where the old metamorphises into the new, and magic happens if we keep our intentions clear and our feelings authentic.

Happy New Moon x

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