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Lilith in your work sector is all about saying what you mean and asking for what you want on the job, and you back it with serious talent and charm-thank you lovely Venus in your biz sector until the 12th. So early March is brilliant for rustling up some fabulous confidence in what you do, doing it as brilliantly as possible and marketing your genius to the world for maximum, profitable professional gain. Excellent.

And then Venus is more about connecting with your tribe in the second half of the month. This means quality time with your besties, and re-affirming any lovingly supportive, platonic connections in your life. And it’s also brilliant for hooking into the party scene/hanging with the cool crowd, to the extent that social networking and knowing who to call/schmooze for your latest biz/creative thing is going to help move you forward with your best life schemes this month; if that’s what’s on your mind.

Meanwhile, Mars is reminding you that any sexy, healthy passion you’ve been cultivating lately in your love life has been worthwhile. If you’ve been pursuing/being pursued by someone hot, or wanting to rev up the chemistry with an existing lover; it really is going to bear fruit, one way or another over the next several months.

Randy, confident Mars is in your sex/intimacy sector from March 6th –and that’s bound to be fun, and then you get to assess the partnership viability of any hotness in your life as Mars switches between your love/lust sectors between now and October, so there’s plenty of time to ride the wave of fab love action coming at you for the better part of the year. And I just know that if anyone can grab the romantic bull by the horns, and run with it, whatever outcomes present themselves, with maximum, joyful pleasure; it’s You!

And if sexual love aint your thing, I predict that some other kind of energising, emotionally fulfilling, empowering entanglement will come your way anyway; in whatever platonic form is needed to rock your lovely world.

Image: Dande Maestre

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