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So Mars has been flirting around your creative sector for a while, and that’s been lovely fun and games and lots of opportunity for lush, arty self-expression; and yes, there will be more of that from late May. But for the moment, Mars is in your work sector from March 6th onwards, and it’s time to kick in with some good old-fashioned discipline and elbow grease on the ‘day job’.

Whether your current gig provides an outlet for all your recently souped up creative force, or you’re seeking a more fulfilling version of making a dollar; it’s time to bring your very best motivation and personal confidence to whatever it is that you do.

If you go the extra mile in March, you will be rewarded by the time this cycle is completed in August and you find yourself, deservedly, another notch up the vocational totem pole. Yes.

So whilst Saturn helps to ground you in immediate, daily tasks, you also have Neptune calling you to bigger, bolder life schemes from your vision sector. You are thinking of distant shores, your next big adventure, getting that thing you’re working on published/out there in the world… and all that dreaming helps to keep you inspired whilst you keep your nose to the grindstone in the studio/workplace/biz meetings etc. The new Moon, Solar Eclipse of the 9th is a fab clue re the freedom and success coming at you, future wise, for all the hard work you’re doing now, which is helpfully motivating…

And love? With Venus in your hot intimacy sector, It’s all sexy rendezvous and erotically charged flirtation in the first half of March; and then from the 12th it’s all about charging off on cool adventures/making grand, expansive future plans with your lover. And if you’re solo in the second half of the month (unlikely, given the steamy action of early march, lol); you’re way more likely to meet someone special, if so inclined, whilst travelling/getting your academia on/or generally getting out of your comfort zone and hanging out in any unfamiliar environment.

Image:i romeo on Fivehundredpx

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