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So the Jupiter/Chiron opposition says you want any loved ones on the scene to understand you, and your deepest dreams and desires more clearly already; the better to cultivate more authentic, fulfilling connections in your life. This is good, and totally obtainable.

But you know it all starts with you, and a genuinely, fearlessly honest relationship with self first, right?? As in you investigate your own values/assumptions about who you are and what you’re capable of; especially the ones that are so ancient and ingrained that that they’ve become rote, autopilot attitudes. Watch your self-talk this month, and when you catch yourself spouting outdated self-evaluation to yourself, change it to something more current, accurate and affirming the progress you have made since you last (unconsciously) decided to limit your own potential.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse of the 9th is a lovely moment for a positive psychic re-boot re this.

Ok, so this is a good practice on many levels, obviously, in terms of being more comfortable in your own skin, which is fab whether single, loved up whatever. But also the best bedrock upon which to grow any sexy, intimate connections in your life. You rock up to some new flirtation, or seek to explore a deeper emotional bond with your existing lover with genuine self awareness/the emotional honesty that comes from knowing your own heart and mind; and you are rewarded with a more real, dynamic potential for the future Aqua love life.

This might take a little more vulnerability, and emotional risk taking than you would normally be comfortable with, but so worth it!

Love and beauty goddess Venus in your sign for the first half of the month is supremely helpful with the whole high-self esteem thing and strutting around like you own the joint –excellent. And then Venus ups your income potential and abundance consciousness generally from the 12th, which is also brilliant. Go you!

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