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URANUS & MERCURY are gonna MESS with your SWEET MIND

Innovative Uranus is about our crazy-cool, fabulous big-picture schemes for 2016 and yes, we're full of them as Uranus turns direct for the New Year.

But Mercury is the details of how we're going to make this shizz work. And the Devil is in the details, apparently; as Mercury wonks out retrograde from Jan 5th-25th, and doing his best to kybosh our best laid plans with trickster techno dramas at every turn.

So for fuqs sake back up your hard drive, dont spill festive drinx on your laptop, triple check contracts (even 'trivial' ones), spell check yr emails/txts lest strange misunderstanding befall you...etc.

I know it's hard with Uranus driving us forward, with such gusto & incandescant brilliance that we really can't be bothered with the petty stuff and we're meant to be social activist, visionary, law-breaking rebels this year!

Yes, but meanwhile highly organized efficiency and savvy diplomacy is key in all things. And from this point on, avoid any techie purchases/booking travel tix/signing on the dotted line if at all possible until the end of Jan.

Much better to spend this month fine tuning, re-negotiating and forward planning for the rest of 2016... good luck with that!

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