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Image: Darryl Hannah by Helmut Newton

How fuqing intense has this week been???? Everyone seems to be dealing with techie nightmares (I personally have learnt the invaluable lesson of always have a back-up laptop lying around in case your new mac, you know, dies in the middle of a website launch), hard-core emo shizz, and I think every client I've seen this week is in the midst of some heavy break-up/romance hell..uurgh thank you Mercury retro with seething Scorpio Moon chaser.

Anyway thank goodness for these few days of Moon in Sag, to give us a little rising-above-it levity and positive visualisation.

Today and friday are all about brisk walks, fresh air, exercise endorphins and ok, maybe a Saggy cocktail to lighten the hell up.... but do stay clear, rested and refreshed whilst we regenerate and prepare for Sunday's Plutonic Full Moon...

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