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“…and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart, Like a puma…” Pablo Neruda

Randy Mars is parked in your love sector for another 6 months, so you have quite a lot of energy directed toward partnership, actually. So how are you going to direct this libidinous force?

  1. You are pair bonded and you realize how much of an awesome team you are; you join forces and go conquer the world together re some cool shared vision.

  2. You are in love/lust, and not scared to fully give chase in order to make this thing happen. You are fearlessly ardent and passionate, and your lover is more than likely to respond in kind. Hot-blooded romantic confidence pays off.

  3. You are single and keen to mingle. You strut around being hot, your sexual/romantic confidence is peaking, and everyone that matter notices and responds to your gorgeous raw charisma. Ps, especially if you’re into men- romantic contenders are coming out of the woodwork like mad in the first half of 2016. Go gettem?

  4. You are single and couldn’t give a fuq about romance. You are having such a good time doing your own thing; and everyone thinks you are even more fab for it. Energised biz/creative/platonic connections appear and drive you forward toward your destiny. Romance/shmomance… but you know it’s in just such a headspace that unexpected contenders appear when least desired…you go there or not?

  5. You are in a snit because some so-called lover is being an aggro, difficult fuqer. It’s time for healthy conflict, the better to become more authentic with one another (or at least score some great make-up sex) OR it’s fight, break-up and move on to better things?

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 9th is a brilliant time to translate your bitchy/uncompromising attitude re the day job into some real vocational progress. Keep it constructive, huh?

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