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“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Gautama Buddha

Action planet Mars is lurking in your soul sector for ages; which could feel a bit tedious to the extent that your Saggy soul wants to be out there, seeking adventure in the wider world, but your true calling right now is more about slowing the fuq down and looking within, instead.

“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.” Confucius

Time to be highly conscious of your own, internal dialogue/attitudes etc, and recognising how your most impulsive actions in the world spring from the quality of your deepest beliefs about yourself. Thus do you conquer your own shizz/addictions/self-sabotage etc; rise like a phoenix from the ashes of limiting old behaviours and thrive in a new, more truly you chapter of your life. Hello to the hot, fiercely disciplined, shamanically empowered version of yourself that you always knew you could be…

Hard-yakka, work-ethic Saturn in Sag has been preparing you for this so yes, you’ve totally earned a chance to step up to your very best potential!

Which leads us to the Jupiter (your boss) activating the Destiny Point in your career sector. You step up to bigger challenges in biz/work and viola; lucrative Pluto in your cash sector wants to make your enterprising efforts highly profitable. True. Take a risk on a bold new earning scheme? Fuq yes! Holding back aint been serving you lately and you know it, so you have no choice but to move fearlessly forward, yes?

Yes, you’re nailing your soul path- so what about the Sag soul mate? Maybe they’re already there, on home turf and quietly, insistently, magnetically calling your name amongst this workaholic/self improvement bender you’re on -best not ignore the siren song of true love?? Or, if unattached, you go forth and hustle up some coin and bam- you meet some hot attraction via the next big earning scenario in early Feb.

Image: Annie Leibovitz turns actress Jessica Chastain into Merida from the animated feature Brave.


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