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The Jupiter/Destiny Point action in your love sector is buzzing away nicely, and reminding you of the power of fate and free will.

There are some things in romance we can’t control… namely other people, lol! We can’t control our loved ones’ intrinsic nature or behaviour –not really, and rarely healthfully.

And we can’t control the fate aspect of when and with whom crazy romantic chemistry strikes. So we learn to flow graciously with the destinal movement of significant others in and out of our lives, and use our free will to play the romantic hand we’re dealt with maximum integrity and good-hearted openness to love; and of course remaining wise about which scenarios are truly good for us, and which not so much.

The power of a positive, emotionally generous and self empowered attitude to maximise the romantic opportunities that do turn up, let go of the not-so-good ones and stay happy in between times is so important! You want your lover to treat you good? Begin with treating yourself and them as well as possible…and go from there…

Because the thing is that fate is on your side right now, and positive, promising future partnership potential is all around you! If partnered, you’re blissfully scheming the next stage of the journey together and if not, you are so much more likely to manifest some kind of strange synchronicities/kooky fated meetings/fascinating clues about your long-term romantic destiny between now and June, stay tuned…

The Full Moon of the 23rd reveals where your true feelings are at re this, with a Neptune kick for extra, heightened emotional sensitivity. There’s no particular romantic/single/whatever status for you just now, or ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ emotional reaction to that; just that you are able to remain true to your own gut instincts and ride fearlessly toward your optimum love future, even if you don’t know what that is just yet.

Meanwhile you’re determined to overhaul the Pisces cash/earning policy. You just know you can make your living with more radical, efficient innovation than this year, and you’re not scared to shake things up in order to make it so. True, and if that means standing your ground in the face of other people’s expectations/shared resources shizz; well, you can handle that too, yes?

“Control Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will” Jack Welch


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