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Venus is glamming up your personal charisma in the first half of Feb, so you begin the month all shiny and brimming with confidence…especially when Pluto heats up your Venusian charms around Feb 7th, and you totally get that it’s up to you to own your own power to creatively transform your scenario/whatever self-improvement schemes currently rock your boat. And yes, looking good and being unapologetically hot/talented etc in the world plays a part- you might as well flaunt it while you got it, huh?

“…I cannot agree with those who rank modesty among the virtues. To the logician all things should be seen exactly as they are, and to underestimate one's self is as much a departure from truth as to exaggerate one's own powers.” Arthur Conan Doyle

You are so aware that a savvy, empowered attitude to any given situation can swerve things beautifully in your favour, and only you can pull that intention off -an obvious fact worth bearing in mind this month.

So meanwhile the New Moon of the 9th is fresh clarity about the Capricorn income, and helpfully in sync with Lilith in your career sector. You’re pouncing onto some hot vocational opportunity, and making it work by doing it nothing less than your way; which just happens to be completely inspired and success oriented, of course.

Ok, so you might have to be a little more flexible about your home life/personal routines in order to get ahead professionally right now, when you’re on a roll you don’t always have time to finesse property matters/domestic chores/have predictable family mealtimes (which you may have to graciously negotiate with the partner/co-habitants); but it’s so worth it. Frankly, the thrill of flexing some vocational muscle in the world is just too goddamn sexy to resist!

Anyway, Jupiter/Destiny Point action is triggering major wanderlust, so the secure home base may be the last thing on your mind! More like how soon can you score a mojo-awakening trip somewhere far away? And either take Mr/Mrs Cap on a (well deserved) romantic adventure OR, if single, go seek the next big thing outside your usual comfort zone; yes, the proverbial mysterious, exotic stranger or someone to get you travelling could be incoming sometime between now and June!

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