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Mars, your ruling planet, is activating your sex/intimacy/money/biz sector until August. So you might as well strap yourself in for a full-tilt, wild ride for quite a while yet…

You’re not scared to chase up whatever turns you on right now. It could be pursuing a (scary) hot love scenario. It could be rocking some biz/shared resources thing that it allows you to move forward on your own financial terms. It could be a psychological shift, where you internalise your own locus of power re any tricky, ongoing power trippy scenes in your life.

It’s about claiming what’s yours, but also in a way that empowers and supports your most primary, intense personal relationships to thrive. You are a spunky, self-assured soul and seek the same level of personal confidence and authenticity in those you allow close to your heart. And you’re so much more likely to be attracting just such peeps, who challenge and thrill you whilst encouraging you to step up to your full potential this month. You love this!

“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” Karen Blixen

Ok so love, intimacy and interpersonal respect is a charged up, happening thing, but what about career?

If you’ve been thinking about going out on a limb and trying something new, a more innovative approach to your current job or a whole new gig –particularly something you’ve been secretly scheming for a while- could be a risk well worth taking. Jupiter on the Destiny Point says fortune favours the brave and baby, being a full-blooded Aries, you’re nothing if not courageous!

Yes, a bold new career direction is go; Venus/Pluto provide a clue re who exactly you have to schmooze/pitch to/professionally seduce around the 7th to get things moving…

Image: Gisèle Pletzer by Nyree Mackenzie for Moustache magazine


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