December 30, 2015


Happy 2016....  and welcome to the year we are all going to awaken and create a fresh, liberated new paradigm for ourselves... 




And to get us started, the January horoscopes for every sign are up here.


January is a cracker, with:


1. Revolutionary Uranus newly direct; we are fighting fit and ready to totally fuq with the dominant paradigm -in a positive, life affirming way, of course...


2. As if Uranus isn't arcing us up enough, the rebel god is also in heated sync with bitch goddess Lilith. So we are just simply taking no shizz when it comes to asserting our truth, challenging ourselves to greater levels of personal authenticity and fighting for our right to do so, where necessary.


3. Warrior Mars into Scorpio -until August, for goodness sake! Yep, we're into 6 months of supremely sexy self-determination, for sure.


4. Lucky Jupiter hits on the magical Destiny Point, exact from 10th-20th Jan but roughly in play until June. This is epic, ridiculously favourable astrology for those of us brave enough to really chase our dreams and evolve toward whatever life-scenario we've always felt to be our birthright... know what I mean? 


5. And as for romance, love goddess venus is in Sagittarius (see here) this month, so the lovers amongst us are giving one another plenty of space to individuate; and create better lives to share with one another. it's the season for relationships based on lovely trust and mutual adventure...


6. And Saturn square Neptune is ushering in a phase of mindful magical realism. Yes, we chase our wildest, most shamanically mystical imperatives but we do it with eyes wide open to the hard yakka, personal discipline and perseverance it's gonna take to live our most meaningful life path... 


7. Mercury is retrograde this month so try not to, you know, buy ridiculous tech crap you don't need just yet/sign contracts you could have put off till Feb/send wacky-yet-secretly-manipulative texts or engage in head-fuq convos you could have avoided...


7. And ps, it's the Chinese year of the Monkey coming up... a little cheeky, trickster playfulness goes a long way here, huh?


Happy New Year x  











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