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So Neptune (your mystical ruler) in your sign is going to be squaring tough-assed Saturn in your biz sector for a while now (till November, to be exact).

So what you are doing is cultivating a healthy relationship between:

1. Your own peculiar brand of personal magic/creative fluidity/un-pindownable, shimmering glamour/otherworldly mysticism and

2. The solid, material realities of your vocational life and the wordly biz environment in which it is happening.

This is such an exceptional opportunity to identify the right niche in the so-called ‘practical’ world in which to shine your light, find fabulous fame and fortune (?), establish a workable biz model for this and truly thrive. It’s going to take a little more discipline than you would perhaps prefer, and yes, having a plan; but it’s also about just being yourself and shaking your visionary thang with a bit more confidence –the punters are gonna love it!

There’s also Mars commencing 6 months in your vision/adventure sector. I would be quite amazed if your feet aren’t beginning to itch and the rays of wanderlust blasting through your life. You are statistically more likely to book a ticket somewhere this year, or suddenly hook into some mind-expanding study/academia bender. And it’s energising to do so! It’s even energising to flick though travel brochures, or immerse yourself in your favourite literature and let your mind fly free with possibilities…

And then the second half of Jan (and the first half of 2016, to some extent) is fully about love! Lucky Jupiter meets the Destiny Point your partnership sector and you become uncannily aware of where the romantic dice are about to fall. You are beautifully confident about following your own, powerful instincts here; and in return you stumble upon a profound new love prospect when least expected, or find an even deeper, ever-loving flow with your current squeeze. And a big part of this is Chiron saying if you want to love another well, the first step is to really love thyself –and it’s this journey of self-acceptance, as much, or more than any love action, that really defines your personal joy this year.

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