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Not that you ever have, but you’re really averse to thinking in small, limiting, bourgeois or petty terms right now. I mean you’ve always been a kook and a visionary –an intellectual maverick in a field of sheeple, but now you’re ready to really think big about your life...

Uranus, your ruling planet, is awakening so many new possibilities right now; your brain is like a fertile field ready for new neural pathways, and new, life affirming attitudes and beliefs that you just know are going to serve you better for the rest of 2016. And Lilith is egging you on to fearlessly apply these concepts to the bigger life plan. Yes, January ushers in a year of bold new moves and exciting new adventures- because you can!

It’s worth noting that from Jan 4th, action planet Mars is occupying your biz sector until August! Rarely have you had such a sustained period of pure energy available to you to chase up the bigger career goals in your life. This is not a period to draw back from your own ambitious tendencies; its time to jump on top of any vocational momentum and make it happen already. Got a big dream/biz plan/aspiration for thyself? If not now, when??? Seriously, the next 7 months are gold re this.

And then there’s love. When adventurous Jupiter meets the Destiny Point in your sex/intimacy sector –exact from mid-late Jan but in play till mid-year (!), you’ve got to know there’s something big up. It goes like this:

Chiron, the wounded healer on the ‘south node’ says it’s time to unpack any crappy old wounds/past karma about your self- worth; and process/get over it/ditch it already. Because the ‘north node’ (Destiny Point) and Jupiter are trying to bring you a fresh, limitless new romantic adventure (yes!); and you want to be all emotionally freshly scrubbed and receptive, the better to allow this beautiful new energy in.

Could be a new lover turning up, who subverts your normal romantic paradigm and you like it. Could be your current partner surprising you with a different approach to things, and you want to be ready to flow with that. Could be that you’re loving the freedom of unencumbered singledom properly; and thriving more than ever sans mooning over stale old romantic expectations. Fully embrace the unexpected, yes?

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