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Bitch goddess Lilith is in your sign, and you are totally not taking any shizz from anybody right now.

So you have Uranus razzing your love life, and it’s oh so easy to get caught up in some volatile, emotionally de-stabilising crap that potentially distracts you from your true essence…

But it’s not meant to play out like that - this is really an opportunity to clarify your core connections with some honest, unsentimental self-awareness: If you’re in love (no matter how wacky) own it, embrace it and take a risk on your beautiful true feelings. But if some crush/entanglement is not so much love as just drama for the sake of it? Maybe time to admit that, and move on?

And of course this could be the astro that sends a lightning bolt of new romance your way…someone very cool, and bonkers-sexy could be about to blast into your orbit, for a potentially life-changing good time!

Lilith says you want to liberate thyself from outdated, non-you emotional beliefs about life/love/how you’re supposed to look/people-pleasing compromise/whatever. The better to get on with getting your uncompromising groove on, strut around being your most spunky, authentic self (and who gives a fuq what anyone else thinks); the better to stay open to the thrill of whatever unknown possibilities 2016 brings…

And with Mars in your income sector for 7 months, one of the things that’s turning you on is cash! Or more specifically, the chance to pump some elbow grease into a fabulous professional project: Neptune says it’s only a truly creatively/spiritually inspiring gig that you bother with, and Saturn says you have the hard-nosed, pragmatic attitude that’s going to make commercially viable and therefore thrive.

It’s not handed to you on a plate –you make it happen through sheer force of will and personal determination, but it’s more satisfying that way, yes? You do the work/maintain the self-belief and then you reap the success-both in terms of coin and healthy self-esteem. Lilith says you deserve it, so go forth and prosper, huh?

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