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It’s a bit of a trip having hard-nosed Saturn in your love sector for so long, huh? I mean your Mercurial nature can only take so much emotional boot-camp before you start wanting to flit around, and entertain your kaleidoscopic attention span with something (anything) more flippant. It’s not even that you’re anti-commitment/ true-love, it’s just that you need to divert your mind with extracurricular mental stimulation (a game of chess/golf, shallow gossip, shopping, completing your PhD, whatever) in between times; as protracted romantic analysis can render you quite tetchy.

Ok, but love goddess Venus on Saturn during the New Moon in your sex/intimacy sector on Jan 10th is inspiring your love mojo; you suddenly get that the current relationship focus in your life is fun, and you’re quite happy swanning around holding hands/gazing into your lover’s eyes etc in a blissful, future-oriented romantic reverie. Or if single, on the prowl for a flirty connection with a potentially deeper dimension than normal? And you get that you can’t force, or speed up love’s unfolding; you chill out and take your time, which is actually incredibly emotionally grounding for you.

Good, the better to free up some energy for Neptune inspiring the hell out of your biz sector. The Gemini career is where you are free to wander off on random tangents, and score some magical new insights about how to manifest the whole doing-what-you-love-for-living gig.

And this is important, because from Jan 4th Mars is energising your day-job sector until August, and you want to know what to do with all this bolshie motivation. You have the gritty work ethic, fierce ambition and basic drive to achieve whatever turns you on, professionally, in the first half of 2016; so now would be the time to enlist all that in aid of a vocational path that matters? Hatching a genuinely interesting plan re this is a good look for you right now, and the better to get your groove on as the rest of the year unfolds…

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