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It has to be said that you are truly in your romantic element in early December. I suspect that someone spunky will be coming at you with fiercely seductive intentions. Whether this is your main squeeze suddenly vibing more ardent, or you’re single and unexpectedly stumble across some rocking attraction with a gorgeous new prospect…

They want you and you love that; and you are able to be emotionally and sexually spontaneous enough to step up to a sudden, scarily(?) thrilling, passionate encounter. Hawt.

Venus into your intimacy sector from the 6th helps; romance is actually quite deep and meaningful right now. You go there cos you mean it, and chances are your lover is just as committed as you to this experience. Nice.And of course if romantic love aint your thing right now, the same kind of courageous authenticity applies to your platonic connections. You lay your intentions on the line re biz/friends/family whatever; and they respond with the same clarity. It feels good all round to clear the air and get back to the same page with your crew. Good.

And then as the month progresses, you can feel something eerily promising brewing re the day job. You’re either becoming acutely aware of how your current gig is going to move you forward professionally, and scheming how to work that angle to best advantage. Or you’re checking out some new employment/biz prospect that just feels intuitively right in your bones; and you’re scheming how to score an interview/successful pitch etc. This could actually be your dream job…so keep following those gut instincts, yes? All of this reaches peak potential by mid Jan, so for now you plan, plot and persevere…

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