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SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING There are roughly 3 stages to the Scorpio December:

  1. Early month two of your favourites, warrior god Mars and bitch goddess Lilith hook up. This is such a primal, libidinous energy that you’re annoyed it’s ‘only’ happening in your mystical soul-sector; and you’re afraid you might miss out on some prime getting properly laid (your other fave thing) energy? Fear not, you are tuning into some awesomely shamanic, magical self-awareness right now, which might just change your life for the better. The power is within; look inside thyself and embrace it!

  2. Then beautiful Venus rocks into your sign from the 6th. Your sexy moxy is instantly restored; and you are once a magnet of desirability, romantic confidence and satisfying love action. If you want to make a move on someone/pursue some sexy conversation/ignite the fire with your main squeeze, mid month is where your native spunk serves you best.This is also where you’re ready to broadcast your best, gorgeous, creative self-expression in the world and score some cred for just how talented you really are –you work this with full, beautiful personal confidence, yes?

  3. The New Moon of the 11th is a money thing. You aint scared to try a totally different, or dramatically revised day-job paradigm, if it means a new and improved financial return for your professional brilliance. Opportunities re this could come at you with random suddenness, or could be a slow- building new scheme on your behalf. You rush into new opportunities carefully?

  4. The Full Moon of the 25th is your travel Moon. You’re up all night googling tickets to somewhere exotic...whether or not you’re in a position to take off anywhere at this point, it’s nice to dream, yes?

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