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There is something brewing in your financial reality right now, where you can smell a sweet, lucrative new scheme in the air… It most likely presents itself by mid-Jan, so in the meantime you’re busy building up the moxy to grab your best earning scenario head-on, whenever it presents itself over the next month or so. Keep a keen eye on financial/biz negotiations, especially around the 19th; where you go in for the kill, so to speak, re scoring some decent coin for whatever it is you do best. And this kind of thing usually requires a bit of savvy, smooth talking charm. So best avoid the first few days of December; where even the most innocuous conversation has you just as likely to pick a fight, or stumble into a self-righteous flashpoint of conflicting opinions. Hold your intellectual ground whilst remaining open to beautiful new ideas; but stay cool where unnecessary, competitive one-upmanship is concerned. Save that shizz for mid-month… if at all, huh? So the new Moon of the 1th is great for cutting the crap and getting ahead by simply being excellent at what you do. If your creative talent/product is good enough, professional politics are irrelevant. You just blithely rock on, being naturally brilliant at your thing, and the rest falls easily into place –this is the natural Leo way, yes? And then the Full Moon of the 25th is a beautiful moment to:

  1. Claim your turf in work/biz.

  2. Receive a beautiful spiritual insight via your dreams, meditation practice or your own, personal shamanic wisdom.

  3. Try some radical vulnerability in your closest sexual/emotionally intimate/familial relationship. Let someone special a bit closer to thy heart….and see what happens??

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