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GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Right now you have an increasingly divergent attitude to the personal and professional aspects of your life. In your biz/vocational realms you are inspired, tangential, following your bliss (regardless of practical shizz) and fiercely free-spirited. Elusive as fuq for those who want to pin you down to boring convention, but a highly desirable, sought after creative type for those who want a piece of your incandescent professional genius. Your biz strategies are more woo-woo visionary than strictly strategic, but nevertheless all about savvy magical manifestation; and yes, you somehow pull it off! Especially if you latch on to the juicy creative energy of early December. You know where your talents lie, more than ever, and instead of wasting time doubting/second guessing your brilliance you get busy working it hard! Uber confident self-expression really is your superpower right now. But in love you’re a hard-assed pragmatist. Saturn says if you’re going to do romance you want to know where you stand, if it’s realistic and where it’s going (in that order) before you invest any more energy. If single, you’re quality-controlling any prospective love-interests beyond belief. Only the worthy/serious contenders get past your radar. Or you’re perfectly happy doing your own thing, frankly. Or if partnered, there’s some kind of slow burning reality check going on; you’re taking the time to cultivate a long-term commitment of integrity, and there’s plenty of time to get it right … If it’s worth it, it’s gold! The New Moon of the 12th helps; it’s in your love sector and the perfect time to focus on a fresh attitude, fresh start with your lover –or fresh new romantic prospect?

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