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First you get through Mars and bitch goddess Lilith in your home sector early month; any little ‘issues’ you want to thrash out with family/housemates/the landlord etc?? It’s upon you, so you might as well get it over with now, huh, healthy assertiveness and all. And then you can focus upon the Cancerian career. Uranus in your biz sector says you’re ready to innovate big time; so you’re looking for that breakthrough opportunity to step it up to a new level. The New Moon of the 12th could be just the thing. It’s not so much about dramatic professional gestures as drilling down on the daily, day-job details. You’re busy finessing the quality of your work; impressing the boss/astounding the clients with your genius/pumping out some gorgeous art after putting in the solid studio time/tweaking the schedule so as to squeeze more productive hours out of your working week. That kind of thing. Because Mars is about to spend the better part of 2016 in your self-expression sector, and amping your creative moxy way up. So you lay the groundwork now, by pulling together whatever day-job scenario best allows you to showcase your natural talent; yes this might take time and sustained effort but guess what? Time is on your side over the next several months. And then your love stars present a surprisingly revealing conversation around the 19th. It could be a spontaneously raw dialogue with Mr/Mrs Cancer, and you feel more real, lovingly connected again. Or (if you’re on the hunt) you’re chatting to a ‘maybe’ romantic contender, suddenly the repartee gets down and dirty, flirtatious shizz gets serious and you just know you’re gonna fuq like crazy…eventually. Or, if love aint your thing; you’re using mid December to redefine some biz/creative partnership negotiation, on more authentic terms than you’ve been ready for until now. Clear communication, however potentially confronting; is your new, empowering thing.

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