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PISCES/PISCES RISING Early November is notable for some rare love action, and particularly auspicious for lucky you… Venus and Mars are hooking up from Nov 1-3rd, and gifting everyone a sane, functional new perspective on romance; and in your case it’s in your official love and partnership sector, so with bigger implications for long term commitment/compatibility etc. If you are already connected, this is beautiful astro! You feel a natural, kinaesthetic tug toward a closer communion with your main squeeze; it’s easier than ever to feel bonded, simpatico, psychically attuned to one another’s desires, emotionally harmonious etc. Bickering over the dishes/neurotic where do we stand convos? Nuh uh. Re-kindling the flame, happily resolving any old tensions and comfortably settling into the next stage of pair-bonded bliss…very possible, with the right approach. And if you’re single, guess what? You are now statistically way more likely to not only meet someone new, but also a scenario with a realistic potential for some kind of significant, rewarding outcome. If you happen to bump into some gorgeous creature on your travels, there will be mutual attraction (yes) and also, perhaps, the promise of a something more… You could be intuitively drawn to someone cute, and then have your instincts confirmed when you go on to discover shared interests and values, tangible chemistry, the possibility of real, enduring compatibility. Whether or not you’re about to meet ‘the one’, you’re most likely meeting someone worth your precious time for one reason or another. And of course beyond romance, this is the season for harmonising any other relationships; platonic/biz/creative whatever. You’re into the magic of healthful human connection. And then Saturn in your biz sector is a major new attitude toward the Fish career. You’re getting thy head around just how much professional strategy and discipline the next few years is going to entail. Your ambition just got bigger/more tangible and you’re prepared to work for it! Fresh, fierce motivation is upon you –run with it!

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