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LEO/LEO RISING Your native moxy has been amped, beyond even your usual, extraordinary capacity for golden self-assurance, with Jupiter recently in your sign. And now, with lucky Jupiter in your cash sector, you are coming to terms with how to translate all that confidence into a half-decent income. More specifically, how to free up any wage-slave/debt crap/obligatory scenarios in your financial life -you are getting that true security lies in the freedom to live with more fiscal independence, flexibility, spontaneity; on your own terms and answerable to no-one. Yes, and Neptune blurring the boundaries in your shared resources sector is a mixed blessing re this. On the one hand you’re more likely to attract the grifters, shysters, dodgy operators who want to suck you dry or dazzle you with false promises of easy riches. This is a brilliant reminder to erect a no-bullshit zone around thyself, and get your financial (and emotional, for that matter) boundaries real clear real fast. And on the other hand, this is a lovely opportunity to cultivate any financial (or intimate/emotional) entanglements that involve real mutual respect for one another’s personal autonomy, freely given and received, genuine generosity of spirit and simpatico spiritual values. In other words –dare I say it, connections based on actual love? On that note the big love action of early November is also in your security sector. You want a romantic connection with solid values, emotional stability, a mindful dialogue around commitment, integrity. The New Moon of the 12th helps you to feel more grounded in any domestic/shacking up/familial aspect of your emotional life –romantic or otherwise. And where the Destiny Point slips into your security sector and begins to focus all those yearnings for personal/material/romantic stability into something resembling a proper, functional, coherent plan. Excellent.

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