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Mars has been in Virgo for a few weeks now, and now joined by Venus; the lovers are going to chase each other through Virgo for the rest of October, and via lucky Jupiter for a good time...

Mars is a Cool Dude in Virgo

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Warrior god Mars is seemingly an unlikely fit here; I mean Mars rules unbridled, macho, aggressive go-gettem and Virgo rules elegant self-restraint. So how do we channel our Yang this month? First of all, Mars is all about physical vitality and Virgo is an earth sign and nothing if not health conscious. Ok, obsessed. Ok, borderline OCD orthorexic, lol. So grounding ourselves in the finer details of a really great fitness/diet/well-being regime is the ultimate way to up the physical vigor and unleash our inner reserves of high-Qi, high-functioning Lust-for-Life. A bit of elegant discipline is, obviously, key to this; as is the ability to be a bit more savvy and discriminating about our priorities, which goals we choose to focus on, who we hang out with and which appetites we are seeking to sate. Which brings us to sex and libido, also ruled by Mars. Yes Virgo does have a prudish, virginal image but you'd be surprised! Again, Virgo is an earth sign and as such just as driven by basic physical desire as the next person. Also, Mars is how we get things done and in Virgo we do it exquisitely skilfully, if you know what I mean. And, with Virgo, there might be a teensy bit more kink than you might expect! Yes we can be discreetly naughty but we also keep it classy, we have impeccable romantic manners and we honour the fine print of any existing, or implied emotional commitments in the situation. So, we do it after exquisitely subtle flirtation, having thoroughly bathed, on the highest thread-count sheets and, most importantly, we do it well. But about that Mars in Virgo fitness regime. It's highly precise; as in every single pilates class, gym session and lunchtime run pencilled in ahead of time to avoid conflicting with our busy work schedule, each work-out calibrated for maximum efficiency and our progress monitered by our own, unflinching drive for consistent self-improvement. We also stay fit in conjunction with a clean, wholesome, nutritious diet -Virgo loves a fridge full of organic produce and a pantry full of high quality, superfood supplements and a list of all the toxic crap we have successfully managed to avoid consuming recently, Yes?! And no harm in throwing in a few meditation sessions and some therapeutic down-time to the mix; because with all the busy-bee Virgo energy around this month, there could be some highly strung nervous systems walking around... let's not get too carried away with the whole perfectionist-internal-critic, yes? It's not, actually, about superhuman perfection, it's about genuine, sustainable well-being. Good.

Venus is Quite the Lady in Virgo

Image: Paolo Roversi, 'Infanta style'

Venus, goddess of beauty, art and love is now casting her spell via the elegant wiles of Virgo. And I think we all know that the sign of the Virgin Queen aint necessarily as 'prim' as we might think. Virgo is an earth sign, with all the spunky, practical savvy and sensual capability that that implies. And being Mercury ruled, Virgo's allure is also one of wit, intelligence and the ability to hold one's own in the intellectual stakes- not to mention the art of superbly subtle flirtation! And nothing if not beautifully, charismatically self-contained. So we don't seek to 'own', dominate, hissy-fit or manipulate each other under these stars- we cool down and respect the integrity of one another's personal space and intelligence. If we are doing romance, our best seductive wiles include respect, intelligent conversation, high standards (in everything), devastatingly understated sexual innuendo/come-hithery eye contact (Virgo can be dirtily risque but never dirty), and yes, supernaturally clean, high-quality bed-linen! Venusian beauty tips this month begin with clearing out the bathroom cabinet of any synthetic/chemical crap style products and investing in a pure, organic (non animal tested!) new skin-care/cosmetics regime. Exfoliation, 'detox' cleanses, hydration and as healthy and unadulterated a diet as possible also work a treat for that luminous, glowing complexion. And the Venus in Virgo wardrobe? Throw out everything that feels remotely old/dreary/threadbare/hanging onto 'just in case'/too flashy or naff to wear in real life; and you should be left with a clean space with only those quality pieces you truly love and that actually suit you and your actual lifestyle. Try it, it feels great and saves a lot of time in your busy schedule trawling through overflowng tat of a morning. And a subtle, barely there scent. Natural pheremones and the aroma of nice soap/clean skin (for men and women) are way more alluring right now. Venusian tips for art and creativity? Get a diary, and schedule/prioritise your creative process this month. Get your tools in order and organise thyself-raw inspiration is great and all, but it's sometimes as simple as making the time to do the the actual work. Thus does your genius find a beautiful outlet.

so what next?

Self-contained Venus in Virgo is currently in tough aspect to Saturn, he of disciplined emotional sobriety and romantic caution. This is a beautifully lucid, albeit slightly challenging/painful, and mercifully brief little reality check re just how feasible our current romantic scenario really is. Some crushes/ongoing fantasies/delusional entanglements may have lost a little of their shine. Some of lessons we have been supposed to be learning from our singledom or good/bad connections may become more obvious, and we're suddenly ready to get our shizz together before we try to swan off into the next big infatuation/commitment/decision. Whatever our next big step is, we can feel in our bones it's likely to be formative; so we are going to approach it with a sane mind and steady heart, yes? And it is a significant period for our love-fortunes coming up, what with Venus chasing her lover, Mars, through Virgo for the rest of the month; and they get together for one of their rare 'conjunction' rendevouz from November 3rd-5th. The last time they hooked up was in early September, but Venus was retrograde then so it may have seemed a bit unfinished/unresolved/passionate-but-batshit-crazy. This time around it will be a little more mindful, conscious, coherent. Yes, it's peak mating season early November and many a romance may well be seeded, healed, consummated, committed to, resolved etc. Love will be in the air and anything could happen! But there's also a sense of thinking about or intentions a little more carefully. Taking the time to get it right. Allowing long-term loves/stories to play themselves out and/or relishing the personal freedom and emo integration of flying solo, rather than just pouncing on instant gratification. Let's get ready to be classy about love. Let's be discriminating about what we truly want, respect our own (and other's) personal space, maintain our decorum whilst keeping the flame of true passion burning quietly within and have impeccable standards about how we treat our loved ones. Don't forget that lucky Jupiter is on board here, folks, so the romantic outcomes of November onwards may be much happier, and more expansive than the troubles of recent days might suggest. Onwards and upwards, huh...

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