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SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING In an ideal world I would book you into a day-spa, meditation workshop, transpersonal therapy scenario, or just retreating to the boudoir with magical-realist literature for the first half of October. The reason being that all of the current astro action is in your mysterious soul-sector, and you get your groove on best where you tune into some kind of spiritual growth/inner, psychically regenerative activity/inspiring escapism. And taskmaster Saturn is finally, officially out of your sign forever (well, another 28 years)! Yes, after 3 years of hard-core discipline and valiantly proving thy worth, you are now relatively off-the-hook. Time to take a hard earned breather, recover from the recent travails in your life and psychically re-boot for whatever the next phase may bring. So whether you spend early October in full-on retreat from the world, or negotiating an easier version of ongoing, obligatory responsibilities; it’s time to take it easy for a moment. The better to front up from mid October, refreshed and ready for:

  1. Saturn commencing a 2 1/2 year tour of your cash sector. You apply all your recently cultivated grit toward an insanely pragmatic, long-term income-creation strategy. It may take a while to get it off the ground (no rush), but you are ready to nail the kind of meaningful financial security that allows you to live on your own, (let’s face it) uncompromising terms.

  2. An energising Mars/Jupiter conjunction in your social sector mid month. You are suddenly invited everywhere and adored by everyone. This surge of popularity draws you out of your introverted bubble, and restores your faith in having a good-old-fashioned good time.

…And, could you also find yourself being chatted up by some cutie-pie on the social scene? The romantic potential of this, or indeed any special someone in your life is revealed and optimised by the Full Moon of the 27th. And it’s all a prequel to the big love stars of early November, where your reputation as the zodiac’s most notorious, seductive charmer is once again confirmed.

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