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PISCES/PISCES RISING Love goddess Venus has been lingering in your work sector, and monopolising your creative energy toward professional development for simply yonks. Which is fabulous, and presumably has you riding a whole new wave of talented professional validation at this point. And with Saturn newly ensconced in your biz sector, you are ready to get fierce about translating your most brilliant skill into something commercially viable, and geared toward sustainable long-term success in the world. So, if you are sitting on some sexy scheme re blasting the Pisces career to the next level, it’s roughly a 2 1/2 year plan –plenty of time to build your empire. Taskmaster Saturn says slowly but surely, yes? And the next big thing is Venus shimmying into your love sector on the 9th, and your thoughts can finally begin wandering toward romance… And you know what? Something sensational isbrewing re Pisces partnership, as Venus inches her way toward a rendezvous with her lover, Mars, throughout October and hitting peak Pisces love action by early November. This is not just fluffy flirtation, just so you know; it’s proper, commitment-oriented, full-throttle mating season! But you also have free-spirited Jupiter on board here; so your notions of true love are not necessarily the usual, standard issue domestic compromise. You want nothing less than the thrills and spills of a genuinely expansive emotional adventure! The New Moon of the 13th is instructive re this. It’s about the raw, new beginnings of a deeper level of intimate vulnerability. You risk challenging the perceived security of your own, independent autonomy any time you truly open up to another person and let them into your inner emotional sanctum. This kind of connection is kind of dangerous and kind of liberating, and Uranus says, yes, you are ready to play with the fire of a more potent entanglement. This can apply to surrendering more completely to a beautiful, existing scenario OR being blown away by some sexy creature newly on the scene. Is it safe or predictable? Hell no. Is it choc full of promise for a new era of Pisces passion –absolutely. Not into romantic love? No problem; fearlessly interdependent human connection is just as rewarding in familial, biz, spiritual and platonic realms. Go forth and trust someone with your secret self, yes?

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