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LIBRA/LIBRA RISING The month begins with the magical Destiny Point sitting at the spooky first degree of your sign, where it will hover auspiciously for the rest of the month. And conjunct Bitch goddess Lilith, for a good time. The Destiny Point, aka the North Node of the Moon, aka the Dragon’s Head, is a powerful indicator of how to align with our true life path; by getting our best groove on to go forth and fulfil our biggest, visionary dreams and focus upon that which we came here to achieve on a destinal, spiritual level. It’s big picture self-actualisation. And Lilith is where we say fuq societal expectations, and get a bit unapologetic, primal and gutsy about rocking our true colours in the world. We are sexy and powerful and don’t care who knows it! And when these two get together in your sign? Seriously, could your persona mojo get any more fierce and successful? The New Moon of the 13th is a revelation re this. You are strutting around being dangerously self-assured, whilst your besties/lovers/partners etc are vibing batshit crazy. You love this! The people around you are finally busting a move and recognising their own open-minded wildness, the better to recognise and connect with the potent wildness within you. Could a meeting of free-spirited equals be soon upon you? Relationships (of all kinds) are becoming far more interesting, this month… But communication could be tricky. Mercury is messing around in ‘storm phase’ mid month; where misunderstandings are rife, but so are spontaneous flashes of genius, almost telepathically insightful-yet-surreal communion between you and your closest loved ones. And then there’s Saturn in your communication sector saying cut the crap, and speak clearly and unambiguously for goodness sake. What to do? The Full Moon of the 27th is helpful. You tune into your most limbic, inconvenient, passionate truth and say it, already. You are emotionally real and that’s what matters; let the chips fall where they may, yes?

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