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New Moon in Virgo coming up, 4.41pm Sunday 13th, AEST, and it's a Solar Eclipse! New Moons are always a rush of fresh, clean new energy into our consciousness, and the Eclipse factor intensifies and focuses the benefits of integrating this energy... ...In Virgo it's about clean, clear, savvy, pragmatic, focused attention upon the things that matter. It's a brilliant opportunity to sort through the white noise of daily distractions, and get our personal priorities straight. Refining our intentions, and the administrative/practical tactics of whatever important venture is going on in our lives right now is important! This could be work/biz/cash/health/love/whatever. If it matters, it matters enough to fine tune the details, pay attention, crunch the numbers, enlist some sane emotional discipline, and bring your best, proper integrity to whatever is going on for you right now. Fussing over unnecessary, irrelevant, distracting crap/control freaking scenarios outside of your control... not so much. Because we are dealing with the wounded healer, Chiron, opposing this Moon. We are paying attention to the reality of the present moment, in all it's specific detail for a reason: emotional congruence! We are supposed to be healing our emo shizz right now by keeping it real about how we feel. We need to sit in our 'stuff' authentically, and surrender to the truth of really experiencing our feelings first. And then, once comfortable in our actual emotional body; we look to the the whole self improvement gig where we transmute today's yearnings into a better, more fulfilled tomorrow. Let's rock our best precision about evolving in the direction we truly wish to grow this coming month, and ditching any dumb distraction that holds us back from this imperative, yes? Let's be elegantly honest and dignified about our true needs and desires, and ruthlessly efficient about achieving them! Happy Virgo New Moon x

Image: 'Goddesses at Sunrise'. Burning Man 2014

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