July 1, 2020


So just when you thought your ruler Saturn was out if your hair in recent months, after 2 years of tough personal discipline, and you can maybe take it easy & catch a break from the hard yakka already?? Well Jupiter/Pluto still throbbing away in your sign is hardly relaxing, it’s fuqing intense but also brilliant for next level growth-ready or not.

You are feeling a rare & powerful imperative to meet yourself with spectacular honesty, for the clarity to do deeply transformative & regenerative personal growth. Pluto says you have the moxy to dive deep into the flames of self-awareness, and the sheer, positive bravado of Jupiter says you are bound to rise up singing on the other side of this more shiny & ready to rock your full potential than ever!

And Saturn also...

May 30, 2020


You are so relieved to have your taskmaster ruler Saturn out of your hair recently, after 2.5 years of tough personal growth –and ready for a well-deserved lighter, brighter chapter moving forward. And honestly, could it get any better than lucky Jupiter on sexy, transformative Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus awakening your sparkly self confidence -to phoenix into next level, spectacularly positive new lust for life this month?

You have faced your shadow & found the power within to conquer your demons and come out more self aware, shiny & spunky than ever; the better to get your swagger on, live large and embrace your most meaningful life purpose -you’re ready to rock baby!

And the Full Moon Eclipse of the 7th is perfectly aligned with your inner sense of purpose, to t...

May 2, 2020


So there’s big astro energy going on behind collective events this year and it’s all happening in your sign; with the big guns Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter dancing around retrograde then forwards again in Capricorn.

So you are extra sensitive to the shifting mood right now: where the Saturn/Pluto destruction of the status quo of recent months gives way to the fabulous, sexy renewal of regenerative Jupiter/Pluto to give us dynamic, tangible fresh hope for the future. In other words things are getting better, and you are at the vanguard of seizing brilliant new personal growth and opportunities in the world. It feels so good to be you & fully alive right now! Ok then.

Meanwhile you also have Venus in your work/lifestyle sector till August, to combine lush, dolce vita living wit...

April 3, 2020


Well it’s weird & wonderful times, and you might like to know the most positive astro behind this is happening in your sign as follows:

Your ruler, taskmaster Saturn has been in your sign for the last few years & honing that fierce, efficient, survivalist thing you do so well. So it’s been hard work, but you’ve presumably got your shizz together enough to be resourceful, pragmatic & ready to cope with whatever tricky crap is coming up.

But enough of that –because the fab news is lucky Jupiter on Pluto from April 1st nudging Saturn out of the way; to upgrade to the most regenerative, empowering, full-tilt positive & expansive sense of new possibilities opening up before you. You are the sign most likely to phoenix through this time on the power of sheer optimism & abl...

February 2, 2020


So the Full Moon of the 9th is all about cultivating your subtle emotional intelligence, to navigate the deeper, more complex dynamics going down in your closest personal connections. You’re kind of genius at low-key letting your loved ones reveal their feelings/vent etc -with the kind of caring understanding that bonds you with the people that matter, whilst resisting the temptation to react to any tricky provocation from the usual, difficult suspects.

Because Mars involved is lovely for the kind of passionate connection that you don’t have to force or prove anything –the Destiny Point has brought certain key relationships into your life for a reason, and this Moon provides insight into where things are heading/the emotional growth involved & maybe a slow burning love...

January 1, 2020


So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with the powerful Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, so you are officially the sign most likely to get just how game changing the coming year is going to be. You’re already strapped in & ready for a transformative trip-and you won’t be disappointed.

This is primo astro to stand in the flame of whatever primal regeneration is occurring in the deepest level of your being/or structures previously dear to your security consciousness pretty much burning down around you –and rise up singing like a phoenix on the other side; freer of some illusions & with a way more powerful internal locus of power-that no-one can take away from you!

Especially by the Cap Full Moon Eclipse of Jan 11th, you bring the full, sexy, juicy, implacable forc...

December 2, 2019


Oh boy, is Capricorn host to a spectacular cosmic line up right now or what?? You are the sign most likely to be incandescent with personal potential this month as follows:

Your ruler Saturn conjunct Pluto is game changing, heavy-duty transfiguration of the material structures/psycho-sexual-emotional issues in our lives & revealing the fundamental psychological dynamics driving our security issues around this. It’s primal, foundational and powerfully transformative IF we’re willing to dig deep, relinquish old paradigms/face our demons etc and courageously cultivate an internal locus of power, to clean up our act & thrive in the dramatically different new chapter calling our name.

Everyone is feeling it in some area of their lives –but baby you are feeling it at the v...

October 31, 2019


You’ve got to love your ruler Saturn & sexy Pluto hooking up in your sign right now, to dig deep & come to terms with just how powerful you can be. I mean everyone else is freaking out about the hard yakka personal growth going on here; but even though you’re feeling it harder than most you are so fuqing turned on by the sheer determination to thrive it’s awakening in you –this is like your natural state!

So Saturn being your ruling planet is honing the naturally fierce Cappy discipline & pragmatic nous to next level lean, mean effectiveness. And Pluto says ok, let’s strip back any illusions about what you want in life whilst we’re at it-if it’s not serving you maybe time to let go, and focus that sexy desire nature of yours on healthier, new paradigm outcomes inste...

October 1, 2019


So that fierce lust for life, empowering sense that you can do & be anything you want in the world that you’ve been feeling lately –and the gritty discipline you just know you have up your sleeve to make it all happen? Yep, that’s Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn brewing your most sexy, transformative personal growth for the rest of the year –if you can keep your sharpest intentions on point you’re so on track right now, don’t you know...

Especially with Venus in your biz sector lately you’ve been pretty shiny talented & operating at peak performance professionally, and backing all that with the right kind of shmoozy self-promotion to get ahead in the world. Excellent, then Mars fires up your biz sector from the 5th just in time for Venus to hit your social sector and vi...

August 31, 2019


So there’s a magical Jupiter/Neptune thing going on; connecting the synapses between your raw intuition & rational thought process which has you switched on, fully attuned & basically psychic as fuq this month –should you choose to listen to the light bulb moments illuminating your consciousness right now. It’s the season for visionary Capricorn genius!

Especially by the Full Moon of the 14th Mars is backing your most big picture, expansive schemes for your life with zealous enthusiasm, along with the Sun/Venus/Mercury to finesse the process of creative manifestation. Gosh the more you focus your dreams with positive determination, you’re pretty goddamn onto it mid month…

But also Neptune on this Moon is kind of weird. On one hand you’re able to process and commun...

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