October 31, 2018

It's spooky Scorpio season and Los Dias De Los Muertes, the Day of the Dead upon us:

The veils are thinning as we commune with the spirit realm with greater subtlety. Which means we want to watch our spiritual/energetic boundaries right now; we are so much more receptive to unseen influences and want to remain extremely discerning, and take care about where we place our energy, right? We want to stay in the positive vibration of love frequency at all times! 

Of course the original tradition here is about remembering, and honouring our beloved dead. Loved ones who have passed away feel closer to us, and...

October 29, 2018

November is here and the scopes are up

It's a pretty cool month to gather our energies and focus on our most on point, magical manifesting, intentions to grow, create & thrive long term...

We have Libra Venus retro for the first half of Nov to finesse our love/beauty/biz attitude, and then cruise forward with renewed clarity, confidence, creatrix power and beautiful potential to succeed in love, money & life when Venus goes direct from Nov 16th...

We have lucky Jupiter powering up in his rulership of Sagittarius from Nov 8th, for a whole year ahead of chasing our biggest dreams and grandest adventures with such...

October 29, 2018


The New Moon of the 8th is a lovely, fresh opportunity to think big and visionary about what turns you on right now. Adventure calls- whether it’s brewing travel plans, an exciting new creative venture, a next level education scenario (as teacher or student) to expand your professional horizons-or just living large on your own terms that much more? Because it’s all about Jupiter and Mars switching signs right on this Moon as follows:

Lucky Jupiter into your biz sector from the 9th is bound to exacerbate any vocational restlessness, and get you all revved up to profitably expand your career horizo...

October 29, 2018


Lucky Jupiter revving up your biz sector for the last year has had you restless as hell to expand your professional horizons and cooking up all kinds of promising schemes to that end, right? So Jupiter completing this cycle, right on the New Moon in your biz sector of the 8th is a great opportunity to action all this:

You reflect on which of your recent plans have turned out to be merely hare-brained schemes/and which ones are actually realistically do-able; and worth taking a brazen, brilliant risk on. And once you’ve figured that out, you get a lovely fresh perspective on the fine detail of...

October 29, 2018


Oh how glorious to have your ruling love goddess, Venus, back into your sign all November; It’s like a booster shot of your innate, raw charisma/beauty/glamour/charm/talent/creativity/savvy biz instincts to power you through the month and feel particularly fabulous-go you!

I mean Venus retro for the first half of Nov might have you doubting yourself or hesitating a little but that’s fine; you’re just finessing the plan/gathering your energy for the full blown expression of Libra brilliance that you unleash upon the world with Venus direct from the 16th -oh yes, you’re about to be on fire lovely one...

October 28, 2018


So the Venus/Mars trine of Nov 10th potentially streamlines your earning situation nicely this month, as follows:

Mars in your work sector for most of the last 6 months has fully energised your work ethic, and you’ve been persevering with your career plans with steady determination and the quiet certainty that they’re going to pay off eventually. So Mars ready to move on mid month has you reflecting on just how much vocational progress you’ve made lately; and the trine to Venus in your income sector is a cool clue about how to monetise all this hard work as effectively as possible -this is so promi...

October 28, 2018


With lucky Jupiter in your home sector recently, you’ve been thinking big about how/where you want to live, and ready to challenge your comfort zone to do so–restless much?

Maybe you’ve been feeling into a travel bender, or even (long distance) relocation? Or a big property/real estate scenario going on? Or looking to connect more with your extended family/tribe, the better to love each other up? Or maybe you’ve been craving a bit of space and emotional oxygen from familial/domestic demands, to refresh your mojo? The New Moon of the 8th is fresh perspective on all this, preparing to lush up your domest...

October 28, 2018


Well with your famous nesting sensibilities, you are one of the signs most likely to love Venus in your home sector for the whole of November right? It’s primo time to beautify the home décor, plan a reno, profitably think about some property/real estate deal and/or harmonise the loving family/co-hab dynamic in your life. The domestic vibe is sweet, aesthetically inspired and lovely for creating the perfect sanctuary in which to thrive:

But it is worth noting that Venus retro for the first half of the month is better for scheming/dreaming & quietly laying the groundwork for all this; then Venus d...

October 28, 2018


Ok so everybody is preoccupied by mating season-and we’ll get to that later, but first we need to talk about the Gemini career this month:

You’ve had lucky Jupiter in your work sector for the past year; and by now well aware how restless you are to ditch any compromising day-job shizz and/or bust a move on exploring your full professional potential in the world. Especially with Venus lighting up your confident, self-expression sector all Nov- ready to show off your brilliant talent much?

Venus retro for the first half of Nov is all about drilling down on the creative process, and overcoming any bl...

October 28, 2018


So you are one of the signs most likely to enjoy the Nov mating season (yay!), as follows:

It’s all about lucky Jupiter in your love/partnership sector for the last year, where you’ve explored a more confident love with someone special, or been playing the field for fun romantic thrills and spills, or maybe loving the freedom of traveling solo  & emotionally unencumbered? So as Jupiter moves on, you have the New Moon of the 8th also in your love sector; to reflect on what you’ve learned about your romantic proclivities/current relationship etc –for a fresh perspective on where you want to take it...

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