September 29, 2018

October is upon us and the scopes are up: 

We have a Libra New Moon on the 9th to nurture our relating skills and reboot key relationships. We have Venus in Scorpio turning retrograde, to come to terms with how our desire nature has been driving us lately, where it's likely to drive our relationships as Venus moves back into Libra next month; and reflect on how we're going to handle that? And, spectacularly; we have a sexy Venus/Mars square to reveal and passionately exacerbate any simmering romantic tensions going on in our lives. Then the Full Moon of the 25th is sparky, game changing instincts to innovate our liv...

September 29, 2018


The Libra New Moon of the 9this your annual personal renewal opportunity; to amplify all that gorgeous beauty, allure, charm and creative expression of yours for a delicious self-confidence this month. Especially with Pluto helping you to harness your intentions and get what you want with such composure and sexy charisma -it’s your time to shine! 

Which luckily, is just in time for your lovely ruler Venus to hook up with her lover Mars from the 11th- and rev up your love life big time for the rest of the month…(and actually till January, on & off, but more on that later).

And look, I’m not gonna lie...

September 29, 2018


As if you weren’t financially astute enough already, the New Moon of the 9th sharpens your biz/money instincts considerably for the month ahead:

 It’s in your income sector, so all about looking at ways to maximise your earning potential in the world. And with nurturing Ceres involved, your core motivation is doing something that naturally nourishes your personal wellbeing for a living; as opposed to slaving away or compromising your values for a buck. 

Whether it’s Pluto challenging you to dig deep and unlock your most powerful talent/creative expression in the world; and I tell you what the m...

September 29, 2018


The New Moon of the 9thfocuses your attention on the quality of your communication in the world: 

Any dialogues in your life (personal/biz/social media whatever) benefit from your clear, articulate self-expression being on point, witty and sharply attuned to the other person’s point of view. Because with nurturing Ceres involved, you want to really engage with whomever you’re speaking with to actually connect;as opposed to just barking opinions at one another –know what I mean? 

And of course it helps to have thought things through first. Because as much as we adore the sheer bravado of Leo blathering o...

September 29, 2018


The New Moon of the 9th, with nourishing earth goddess Ceres on board begins the month with a clear, definite plan revealing itself about your home life-and being such a deeply domestic creature you love this! 

Maybe you’re settling down, nesting and lushing up your current home environment because it’s where you want to stay? Especially with Venus in your creative sector you aresoonto any home décor/reno/design inspiration to make your house a delicious, comfortable sanctuary and home for your heart. Or maybe you have an eye on some promising new real-estate scenario as your future dream home? O...

September 29, 2018


The New Moon of the 9this the most gorgeous rush of confidence self-expression, to set the tone to follow your sparkly bliss and have fun with whatever you’re doing this month with your best sparkly charisma -you love this! 

Whether it’s playtime, to hang out with your kids/loved ones/someone special romantically and relish the good times together- just because that’s what really matters in life, right? Whether it’s a creative process that’s turning you on, just because it feels so good to nurture your main talent game and get even better at what you do, for the sheer buzz of it? Or maybe a speci...

September 29, 2018


Uranus in your sign says you want to be free, value your independence above all else and have zero tolerance for anyone attempting to cramp your style by pinning you down to any kind of ‘us’ talks/heavy commitment etc. But Venus in your love sector for the rest of the year says you also crave a big, beautiful romance big time-and even better, more likely than ever to have someone gorgeous in your life who wants to share it with you: 

So it’s gotta be a pretty special partner in crime who can do big, devoted passion and grow together in a wildly expansive love affair; whilst respecting one another...

September 29, 2018


With your ruling planet Mars hooking into a sexy square with Venus this month-mating season is upon you and I suspect you’re going to love it, as follows: 

The square aspect aint so much about beige, easy, lukewarm romance but neither are you. If you’re partnered the energy is tetchy & liable to pick a fight in order to address any lingering relationship issues directly-but you need to keep this constructive, obviously. Ideally it’s about resolving any problems for a clearer path forward with renewed clarity & devotion- and ok, rev up the sexual tension for fabulous make-up sex afterwards. You love...

September 29, 2018


So with the Venus/Mars square this month, we’re all feeling the siren call of mating season-and the thrills and spills that go with it…

And in your case, with Venus switching between your adventure sector and intimacy sector in the next few months, you may feel kind of split between the need for lots of independent personal space/emotional oxygen and the yearning for passionate, all consuming bonding in your love life? It’s a balance that can be achieved, of course –and the sexy New Moon of the 9thin your intimacy sector could be a clue about how to manage it: 

Perhaps your relationship allows for...

September 29, 2018


It’s all about just how fabulous it is to have Mars firing up your sign for months on end this year! Your sheer lust for life is so damn energising, you can’t help but feel that determination to thrive and spunky confidence to drive you forward right now 

Especially with Mars hooking into the New Moon of the 9thin your adventure sector. You are so tuned into the big-picture, visionary schemes in your life, and soready to step out of your comfort zone, if that’s what it takes to make it all happen. Maybe you are looking at some cool educational/entrepreneurial opportunity, to open your profess...

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