October 31, 2017

It's Scorpio season and the veil between the worlds is thinning today...Happy Dios de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, Samhain, Halloween! 

Let's embrace the otherwordly magic of this -and have fun with it for for sure,  whilst keeping any deeper spiritual and shamanic realisations here high-end and positive... 

May we meet any shadow aspects of ourselves -or each other, or our dear departed that may come up during this festival with profound and transformative compassionate & unconditional love right now xxx

October 28, 2017

November is here, it's looking good and the scopes are up

It's kind of all about Jupiter newly in Scorpio; a potent combo of fresh, expansive good fortune with spunky self belief & personal satisfaction. We are all masters and mistresses of our own destiny now! Also jumping in the deep end emotionally, and really feeling where we're at right now; the better to cultivate a healthier, more honest relationship with ourselves and enjoy a fearless, sexy authenticity with our most important connections and entanglements.  

Not least because we're getting ready for Saturn to switch signs by Christmas-where...

October 28, 2017


Well it’s pretty good to be you right now. What with Jupiter newly in your sign you are full of expansive, visionary optimism and a whole year ahead to explore some bigger adventure/travel/taking an intelligent risk on whatever makes you feel most alive… You can feel this in your bones already and it’s such a turn on to claim your personal freedom at this point!

And then with Venus into Scorp from the 8th you are looking at peak Scorpio gorgeousness, charisma, romantic genius and creative confidence this month. You’re hawt and you know it and so, apparently, does everyone else –it’s your time t...

October 28, 2017


Look I’m not going to lie to you, the last few years of Saturn in your sign has been a royal pain in the arse right? And you may be wondering where all the fun went/how you have become such a workaholic/disciplinarian/how so many dreary obligations have got the better of you lately -aaargh?

But admit it: you have nailed some cool new biz & career moves/workout & health regimes/integral personal growth here –or capacity to do so, huh? Yes you are moving forward more fiercely on point than ever; and the great news is that by late December you will have a tangible sense of the shackles fal...

October 28, 2017


It’s all about preparing for late December; when your boss planet Saturn hits your sign and two years ahead to explore your full, delicious viability in the world as a biz/professional success story, paragon of healthy lifestyle discipline and widely respected pillar of society –on whatever level turns you on… 

Yep you’re about to get your shizz together on every level –so right now, with Saturn completing a tour of your soul-sector is prime time to prepare to walk your talk with a healthy, integral relationship with self/shamanic self-mastery/whatever spiritual practice works for you.


October 28, 2017


Lucky Jupiter newly in your vocational sector is such a beautifully authentic, promising new confidence to your professional potential in the world! The very act of believing you are capable of more success/recognition/cash/job satisfaction/freedom of movement/autonomy in your career is what magnetises the right kind of opportunities to you – know what I mean?

Especially with Venus on board from the 8th, your core, brilliance talent and professional charisma is peaking. It’s prime time to be really good at what you do –and the creative discipline that comes with that, particularly around the...

October 28, 2017


Gosh, with taskmaster Saturn preparing to get the fuq out of your biz sector in December (finally!) and restless Jupiter newly in your adventure sector-could you be busting to break out of routine and bust a move on something new already?

Maybe a well deserved holiday over the festive season, to replenish your energies for the year ahead? Or a cool, visionary new life plan to turn you on? Or Saturn delivers some biz venture you’ve been working on in recent years; which you get to embrace with refreshed fervour for the professional freedom that’s in it?

Either way you are newly inspired by life in...

October 28, 2017


Oh my, it’s Aries mating season and preparation for a big new career cycle this month – gosh it’s all on right now!

So let’s start with love: lucky Jupiter has recently completed a tour of your partnership sector, where you have embraced a more trusting, open-minded, unconditional approach to serious commitment, yes? And now Jupiter gets down to business in your actual sex/emotional intimacy sector; and with Venus on board from the 8th romantic love is totally in the air… Especially around any spooky new feelings coming up around the Full Moon of the 4th, and any spooky connections revealing themse...

October 28, 2017


The Taurus Full Moon of the 4th is a pretty good way to start the month, by taking a fearless emotional inventory of whatever’s coming up for you right now and vowing to remain congruent, and true to thyself about it for the rest of November.

Not least because Saturn is now wrapping up a lengthy tour of your 8th house, where you’ve been facing off any deep-seated emo demons vulnerabilities and claiming a whole new emotional maturity and fortitude in order to do so; the better to enjoy a more honest relationship with self and a greater, more rewarding capacity for powerful sexual/emotional (and fi...

October 28, 2017


So the New Moon of the 4th might have you vibing uncharacteristically introvert-and holing up with some spiritual practice/inner communion for a bit. And it’s pretty nice to take some solo, regenerative time early month, not least because it tunes you into a more inspiring, intuitive approach to your life direction (thank you visionary Neptune in your career sector); the better to prepare for the real action of November –which is lucky Jupiter in your work sector!

Yes this can provoke a kind of rebellious/fuq the day-job attitude, and slacking off in favour of lushing around with your favourite i...

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