August 31, 2016

September is here and the scopes are up

It's a cracker of a month, and the only way through it is forward...

The Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 1st wakes us up to pay the fuq attention awareness of where we are.

Jupiter into Libra from the 9th open our eyes to where we're going -hint, with Venus in also in Libra, then Scorpio, relationships, love and human interaction are becoming way more important...

September 17th-19th in particular, where Venus and Mars hook up right after an emotionally liberating Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, is fab for claiming our romantic/relational turf- one way or the other.

Mercury retrogra...

August 31, 2016


The Virgo New Moon of the 1st – a Solar Eclipse!-is your ideal start to the month. You pull yourself together from the get-go with a fresh, sharp new attitude as follows:

This New Moon/Eclipse involves the Destiny Point, enlisting your most precise, genius instincts about your optimum, long term life path. You’re so tuned in to your own, personal calling in the world it’s ridiculous –which makes you super intuitive about where your next big opportunity is coming from and how to grab it! Flexing your best confident moxy/muscle in the world feels more natural than ever to you right now…

It’s also trig...

August 31, 2016


So what you’re mainly doing right now is waiting with baited breath for lucky Jupiter to hit your sign from September 9th –for a whole year! To the extent that you’ve been doing spiritual-warrior biz for the last year-ie learning how to tune into your powerful, internal positive life force no matter what life throws at you, well done you! Now you’re ready to flaunt your new found self-confidence in the world for a chapter of brazenly chasing your dreams and living large!

And Venus in your sign till the 24th lushes up your natural beauty, charm and creative moxy to this end; the sheer force of your...

August 31, 2016


Jupiter in your social sector this last year has seen you out and about more than usual, on the hunt for your tribe/like minded comrades to fly free with; and now, from the 9th you have a year of a more introverted, personal growth vibe. It’s a great time for exploring your yoga/meditation/creative inspiration/spiritual practice this coming year, for a more blissfully accepting relationship with self…

Because Mars now finally out of your sign has taken the edge of all of that libidinous must get laid/must prove myself to (insert favourite lover/arch-enemy/rival/admirer/basically everyone)/must...

August 31, 2016


To the degree that Saturn in your sign has been grinding you down (and pissing you off, frankly) with endless taskmaster self discipline lately; and you’re wondering what the fuq the point of all this hard yakka is anyway? The New Moon/Solar Eclipse of September 1st is a welcome inspiration! You score some keen insight into your optimum next biz/professional step-It’s promising, motivating, geared toward enduring long term success, and you fully deserve it! (no shizz, you say as you wipe the proverbial sweat from your brow).

And then Mars powering forward in Sag has the rest of the mont...

August 31, 2016


You’re kind of tapping your foot throughout September, waiting for Mars to hurry up and lively up your sign from Sept 28th-Nov 10th. Yes, October is going to be brilliant for reclaiming your sexy, extroverted moxy so that’s something to look forward to for sure. But what to do till then?

With bolshie Mars in your mystical soul sector all month, it’s about looking within, and soul mining your internal resources for your best, shamanic self-mastery. It’s once you’ve conquered yourself –including any angsty psychological skeletons/addictions/compulsions/self-sabotage currently lurking in your...

August 31, 2016


Your sex/intimacy sector has been activated for a while now, where you’ve been expanding your capacity for personal entanglement beyond the usual paradigm and more open than ever to thriving, open-ended, open hearted relating.

You’ve learned so much about healthy, positive emotional habits this last year, and so ready for a new, high quality romantic chapter in your life... the New Moon of the 1st is a reminder how far you’ve come re this, and a chance to spark up some specific, most promising attraction accordingly. Following your bliss in love? Yes you can.

And then you have expansive, adven...

August 31, 2016


The New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the 1st is a cool new sense of potential re the Pisces love life. The Destiny Point on board here has your instincts re long term partnership so on point; so it’s time to trust your gut and embrace any promising new developments with your best confidence. A newly inspired vibe with your current lover or –if on the hunt, a synchronous meeting with some intriguing new contender? Could be.

Because when lucky Jupiter hits your sex/intimacy sector from the 9th (for a whole year!) you want to be ready to go with some intrinsic trust in the romantic/emotional entanglement p...

August 31, 2016


Mars, your sexy ruling planet, is now on the move for real after dithering around all year; and you can finally get your rock n roll/living large style wild thing on. Thank goodness!

You’ve spent a lot of time recently fine tuning the dynamics of your deeper interpersonal entanglements, which has been a beautiful thing and all; but for such an independent, free-spirit as yourself the process can be a bit trying, huh? There’s only so many complex ‘us’ talks/nuanced intimacy/financial negotiations/emotional self-development you can take before your concentration span starts to lag, lol, and you want...

August 31, 2016


Jupiter in your work sector from the 9th has you excited by the day-job again! You’ve got a whole year ahead of chasing some genuinely worthwhile goals at work. That cliché of doing something you love –or at least properly believe in- and never have to slog another day in your life could be an inspiring mantra for you right now, and something to think about working towards?

A positive, dynamic health routine might be a good start here, where fitness endorphins = a brilliantly motivated, almost effortless work ethic. So good.

Which might be better than the other version of lavish Jupiter in your li...

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