June 30, 2016

July is here and the scopes are up

It's all about Mars completing 6 months of hanging around Scorpio/Sag, churning up so much volatile emo, restless frustration and will-to-power we haven't entirely known what to do with; and finally charging forward for the next two months over the same territory, but with a clearer intent.  All those lessons in self-mastery we've been struggling with? We're now ready to put into practice and roar forward into the rest of the year stronger, more evolved and with a brilliant, confident new ferocity. 

Grrrr -it's time to get it on, and make a commitment to thrive...

June 30, 2016


The New Moon of the 4th in your earning sector just as Mars finally powers forward in your day-job sector can hardly be a coincidence, and a powerful new moxy for Gemini success.

Mars dithering around in your work sector for the last 6 months has maybe been a bit sketchy in terms of a fluctuating work-ethic on your part, to the extent that you’ve been wondering what exactly it is you’ve been working so hard for anyway? Bitch goddess Lilith on board has been upping your professional standards- you want a gig that affords the genuine respect you know you deserve, and anything less is frankly uninsp...

June 30, 2016


The month begins with Venus in your sign opposing Pluto, which gives the July a combustive little kick-start for sure. Your romantic attitude is akin to prodding some slumbering snake in it’s lair just to see what happens when it wakes up -and see if you can’t get some kundalini energy revved up in some key relationship/potential hook-up/your own libidinous potential in your life. Sexy but volatile!

Actually it’s really about having a dig into any brooding passions/tensions around you, and try and bring any hitherto unconscious/unspoken personal dynamics to light in the first few days of July; be...

June 30, 2016


It’s a month that begins with a real personal introspection vibe –what with so much astro action in your mysterious soul sector, you’re looking within to see what really, truly matters to you…

Because the Venus Pluto opposition of July 1st seemingly pitches your deeper spiritual values against any day-job pressure; and you might be feeling some raging tension between freedom to follow your bliss OR succumbing to power trippy working-for-the-man crap/bourgeois compromising of your true, shamanic self or whatever, as you seek the sexy, empowered lifestyle you always knew you deserved.

The New Moon of the...

June 30, 2016


Mars dithering around retrograde recently has had you in a head-fuq of overanalyses, questioning every instinct, deconstructing every belief system and way too much trapped, nervous mental energy – a tendency you know all too well at the best of times; it can frankly be exhausting being You sometimes!

So I’m thrilled to tell you that Mars is barging forward, in utterly decisive mode, through your ideas sector all month. And Lilith here as well is a pretty opinionated bitch too; so you’re going to love being back to don’t tell me I’ll tell you, talk-the-leg-off-the-table, intellectual know-it-all mo...

June 30, 2016


The New Moon in your biz sector of July 4th features Venus, your lovely ruling planet and clever Mercury. So the focus of July is all about getting ahead vocationally, and Venus brings your best, core competencies forward to this end:

Beauty. To the extent that your native shmick grooming and confident style matter, in making the right impression in the world; you really work it this month by honing in on where you want to be at, professionally, and fully looking the part already. Dressing for success is a killer asset for you right now.

Talent. Your current ambitions require raw talent, creative ge...

June 30, 2016


Three cheers for Mars finally charging forward again in Scorpio, for the whole of July!

Mars backwards in your sign recently has had you in frustrating, seemingly ineffective retreat mode; cursing your lack of immediate momentum, shooting off your best Lucrezia Borgia/Cersai Lannister death stare at anyone who’s even thinking about crossing you (admit it), madly scheming how much ass you’re gonna kick when the tables finally turn in your favour/you can force your formidable will on the world once again, and frankly being in a bitch of a mood until that happens…

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating your fa...

June 30, 2016


The New Moon of the 4th is in your sex sector and features love goddess Venus as well as clever, flirty Mercury. So if you’ve been hankering to go on the seductive prowl and get your charm on with some unsuspecting cutie? Now could be the time and could be fun!

But the emotional energy here actually goes quite deep-so July is particularly useful for tuning into a genuinely important (existing?) lover/love interest in your life and courageously exploring the meaningful, raw intimacy between you -because it matters, and might actually be going somewhere if you give it half a chance! And c...

June 30, 2016


If you’ve been feeling a bit meh about certain friendships or your crew generally, recently, Mars forward in July should re-energise your social life, making time for good mates, sense of community involvement and savvy networking instincts. It’s nice to be out and about, and flaunting your genius in the world again, huh?

But the real action is the New Moon of the 4th in your love sector! This is a fresh perspective on your key relationships with love goddess Venus and clever Mercury on board, so you are ready to embrace best practice partnership for sure:

If you’re already hooked up, you ma...

June 30, 2016


Mars forward in your biz sector and a New Moon in your day job sector on the 4th makes for a most professionally energising July.

Mars backwards in your biz sector recently has been more about you in stealth mode; quietly, patiently scheming the next strategy than any kind of immediate or obvious professional advancement. So worth it, as you are about to discover:

Mars finally forward in July (yay!) energises your driving ambition, and the more you’re busting with an impatient lust to succeed-right now, thank you very much-the more you are thrilled that you have already done the background pre...

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