March 31, 2016

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April scopes are up, and it's a wild ride coming at us!


The South Node/Chiron action is dredging up all kinds of ancient angst and dodgy, nostalgic emo trips; but pretty much everything else on the astro scape says stay strong by forging ahead already and courageously embracing the thrills and spills of the future


The stars are full of squares and oppositions which means challenge, tension and forced growth...which is good!


If you're feeling insanely challenged, under the pump, scheming bold future plans and forced to thrive by facing thy fears and harnessing every shred of personal discip...

March 31, 2016



Ok, so you might have been feeling a fair bit of ennui lately: with Chiron &the South Node triggering all kinds of tricky nostalgia, feeling yanked back to tired old patterns you’d really rather be done with already and generally, frustratingly stuck.


But it’s ok! You are conquering old demons and shedding skins, perhaps more effectively than you realize at this point. You will look back at this period; so proud of yourself for sticking with the process and coming out cleaner, fresher and more self-aware than you were before.


Good, so a better relationship with self is fully on track. So what a...

March 31, 2016



You may be starting to realize that old financial strategies and earning scenarios are not serving you as well as they used to? Which is a perfect cue to vibe way more confident about embracing a new, promising arrangement that involves a bit more risk. Yes, and you’ll need some brilliant negotiation skills with certain people/financial institutions (tax time coming up much?); but also the potential for bigger coin and, more importantly, doing something more you for a crust.


Changing the money paradigm, a little or a lot, is definitely worth considering this month…

It’s kind of got to do wit...

March 31, 2016



Mars is tucked away in your soul sector for a while now; so it’s not exactly the season for direct, or aggressive action re getting what you want in the world. It’s more about retreat from the fray and a more private, patient, subtle attitude to things.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you’re vibing in any way lame or lukewarm right now; it’s just that you are devoting all of your fierce energy to self-reflection, self-knowledge, self discipline and conquering your own, inner demons; the better to thrive on your own terms. Not so much giving a toss what anyone else thinks of your groove...

March 31, 2016



There has never been a month more conducive to slowing down, harnessing your best, grown up discipline and creating lucrative opportunities in your life.


No, it may not be ‘fun’ in the usual Saggi sense of doing whatever the fuq you want and claiming immunity to the consequences of your actions; but your definition of fun is evolving fast toward a more accomplished sense of personal achievement and you best keep up!


Your patron planet, Jupiter, is itching to full steam ahead into realizing your most glorious, soul-path professional potential and realizing your ultimate, gorgeous domes...

March 31, 2016



The new Moon of the 7th is a powerful reminder of


(a) What you love about the current day job, gratitude for having scored the dream career gig, and a renewed commitment to making it great by fast-tracking the next level of awesome success. OR

(b) A sudden jolt of restless fuq-off to the daily grind, unravelling a whole litany of dissatisfaction you’ve been feeling for a while at work, and how you really must break free form wage slaving/compromising your brilliance asap. So what exactly are you going to do about that?


Venus into your work sector is key, where you profitably spend April tuning...

March 31, 2016



Have you figured out yet that you are in a beautiful, expansive, positive spiritual awakening type karmic process right now? Yes, you are more in tune with a happy relationship with self, and comfortable on your own soul path than you’ve been for a while; and no doubt much well deserved personal healing and emotional breakthrough is happening for you right now.

Good. And if you want to know the area of life most likely to benefit from this new found perspective?

  1. Home, familial relationships, domestic/property issues are all ready to thrive, to the extent that you keep it real; be brave about ex...

March 31, 2016



The best astro action going this month is a lucky, lucrative Pluto/Jupiter trine; and it’s favouring lovely you!


Jupiter and the Destiny Point in Virgo are awakening your best personal confidence; and a deep, gut sense of where you’re heading in life and how to get there on your own terms. And driven by mighty Pluto in your play/creative sector; where you get your most foxy, empowered self-expression on; embracing the joy of just being your true, natural self in the world unencumbered by anyone else’s expectations or the Virgo speciality of letting your own, inner critic loose to tear up your sel...

March 31, 2016



So as much as you might have to dial down your usual, exuberant self-expression in the world a tad this month, this in no way diminishes your own sense of personal power and potency. In other words; it may not be about you being the centre of attention in the usual sense every time you walk into the room; you’re more doing stealth self improvement when nobody’s looking, and quietly preparing to step out and dazzle everyone at later date.


Specifically, you are scheming a more savvy, confidently future oriented attitude to the Leo income. Yes, a way more abundant version of doing biz is calling your na...

March 31, 2016



The actual, day-job regime and daily grind involved in getting ahead, both professionally and health wise, could possibly be doing your head in right now, and you’re just going to have to cultivate a positive, constructive mental attitude to hard work in order to move forward right now.


Mars and Saturn are parked in your work sector, both annoyingly retrograde, and between them they’re acting like some kind of demented personal trainer screaming at you to go harder, try harder, push harder and never mind the lack of visible progress (yet!) for all your gritty effort.

This could take the form of...

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