February 29, 2016

 March is here and the scopes are up!monthly-horoscopes/wpfbf


It's a rollicking, dynamic month. with 


Randy, Action planet Mars into gallavanting Sagittarius.


Jupiter and the Destiny Point still luring us toward our true life path, and Chiron on board healing any emo crap we need to ditch in order to get there.


Jupiter in a lucrative trine with Pluto, and transforming our understanding of real wealth- is it cash, or... something else?


A magical, mysterious Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 9th, with beautiful Venus doing providing the love/art inspirational juju from the 12th.



February 29, 2016



The Force is truly with you right now, with a bonanza line up of planetary action in Pisces; and it’s up to you to use your awesome mojo for maximum personal traction…


Firstly, Mercury in Pisces sharpens your wits just in time for Mars into your biz sector from March 6th-late May. Yes, 2 ½ months of endless energy coming up, to whip the Pisces career into shape with some good old fashioned elbow grease. It’s a really good time to think about what really matters to you vocationally and what you’re actually going to do about that.


And then the Pisces New Moon, Solar Eclipse of the 9th awakens you...

February 29, 2016



Mars in your sex sector recently has been fun and all, but now it’s time to drag your brain out of your pants/lust mode for a while and focus on broader, more cerebral concerns…


Mars into your adventure sector from March 6th-late May is time to think about travel; and how an inspirational, mind-opening little trip could re-jig your mojo in the next few months? Or if you’re keen to hook into any kind of academia/educational/publishing project, or go off for a bit of a visionary/ solo questing time sans obsessing over romance shizz you can’t control? Now would be your chance.


Not that love and part...

February 29, 2016



Lilith in your work sector is all about saying what you mean and asking for what you want on the job, and you back it with serious talent and charm-thank you lovely Venus in your biz sector until the 12th. So early March is brilliant for rustling up some fabulous confidence in what you do, doing it as brilliantly as possible and marketing your genius to the world for maximum, profitable professional gain. Excellent.


And then Venus is more about connecting with your tribe in the second half of the month. This means quality time with your besties, and re-affirming any lovingly supportive, platoni...

February 29, 2016



The next several months are kind of divided between Mars in your work sector saying Go the day-job potential and Mars in your love sector saying Go the Gemini love life; which is no problemo for multi-tasking You, of course.


But from March 6th, it’s predominantly partnership that captivates your attention until late May. Love is suddenly not so much about subtle, ambiguous romantic signals (your usual speciality) as it is about direct, ardent romantic pursuit. You want someone -you come right out and say it/give chase. And whoever wants you is giving chase right back, which is nice.


Good, so lo...

February 29, 2016



So Mars has been flirting around your creative sector for a while, and that’s been lovely fun and games and lots of opportunity for lush, arty self-expression; and yes, there will be more of that from late May. But for the moment, Mars is in your work sector from March 6th onwards, and it’s time to kick in with some good old-fashioned discipline and elbow grease on the ‘day job’.


Whether your current gig provides an outlet for all your recently souped up creative force, or you’re seeking a more fulfilling version of making a dollar; it’s time to bring your very best motivation and personal conf...

February 29, 2016



Mars in your pleasure sector, from March 6th, is permission to indulge all of your favourite proclivities: Art. Glamour. Your own, high-end talent. Gushy romance. Being noticed at parties. All the fun stuff. From now till late May you are fanging about being an uber version of your best self –how fabulous!


And meanwhile the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of the 9th is in your sex and money sectors. So it’s 1. a great time to channel all that romance into whatever version of hot seduction rocks your boat, and current circumstances.


Cultivating a karmic, soul-mate connection with a special someone, by doing t...

February 29, 2016



So the rare and auspicious Jupiter/Destiny Point in Virgo action has been going strong for the last few months; and will remain active until June. And just to put this into perspective, these guys only hook up once every several years and the last time they did it in your sign was 37 years ago! So a very special opportunity is upon you, to awaken to your life purpose, no less!


This is all about the sense of well being that comes from fearlessly following your gut instinct in all things; and thereby awakening to your vocational purpose/spiritual calling more than ever. And getting your groovy moxy...

February 29, 2016



Something big is up with your work sector this month; so there’s no getting out of pulling off something productive or useful as March unfolds…

Your work sector includes the Libra day-job, any kind of professional/biz elbow grease/admin/ daily tasks or rituals you must complete to stay ahead of the game with a healthy, wealthy and wise lifestyle. It’s about grounding your visionary hopes and dreams in the rich soil of daily discipline and personal accountability to your chosen priorities.


So the hopes and dreams are clear enough, what with lucky, visionary Jupiter with the future-oriented Destiny...

February 29, 2016



So Mars in Scorpio has been driving your native, libidinous lust for life through the roof since January, You are sexy as fuq, hungry like the wolf, want to get ahead, get your kicks and eat the whole world up for breakfast. Grrrr. And yes Mars is back to stoke this fire from late May, but is meanwhile in your cash sector from March 6th and asking the question: how will you fund these relentless appetites of yours??


The next 2 ½ months are about the Scorpio income, and how much elbow grease will be required to get it up to scratch. I mean lets face it, Saturn has been a bit of a downer in ter...

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