It's sparkly Aquarius season, to lift the vibe of all that heavy shadow work we've been doing with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn lately -and how nice is an Aqua New Moon (exact 7.21am Jan 25th, AEDT) to freshen us up... Because to the extent we've been burning any stodgy old Saturnian expectations & attachments in the flame of Pluto transformation, we're standing naked, raw & ready to embrace a clean, clear new way of doing things. I mean what other choice do we have? Especially sparking off Aqua ruler Uranus in a tense square aspect, the imperative to rut-bust our lives is real. We're either deliberately chasing liberating new life choices, because it feels so good to get over o


So this rare, explosive Pluto/Saturn conjunction I've been talking about so much recently is peaking this week... and gah the shizz does seem to be hitting the fan! Yes we are ideally coming to terms with grace under pressure & phoenixing into next level, transformative empowerment in full integrity (sans skanky power trips please) no matter what-good, lets keep that in mind. Because meanwhile I'm in the mood for a bitch. There are certain people & scenarios I would like to rip the fuqing throat out of in pure frustration right now... in biz, the world & even a few triggers in my personal life, I mean is everyone fuqing serious or what??? Omg lucky I have astrology to remind me how volatile


Here comes a Lunar Eclipse-exact 5.21am Jan 11th AEDT, to kick off 2020 with a bang. So we know that Full Moons always bring up whatever feelings have been brewing all month; and especially in Cancer we're extra sensitive to our tidal emotions, and extra especially an Eclipse amplifies the transformative power of remaining fully emotionally congruent & authentic about whatever is coming up for maximum emotional intelligence, and extra extra especially opposite the volcanic Pluto/Saturn conjunction this is a profound reality check to bring us into line with our deepest, primal needs & desires ready or not! Oh my, could it get more real right now??? I have spoken a lot about Pluto/Saturn recen


So the Saturn/Pluto conjunction throbbing away in the background is a certain barometric pressure in the collective atmosphere, right? We have the internal combustion of a rising imperative for gutsy personal growth coming up from deep within ourselves- we're ready for fierce, transformative coming to terms with our own potency & manifesting potential in the world, But yeah we have to face a few demons along the way, toughen the fuq up, ditch some dearly held expectations/ notions of security etc if we want to phoenix through this thing and rise up singing on the other side. Especially with Uranus in Taurus smashing up our material structures, the better to create fresh, innovative, liberati


So Happy New Year folks, the new decade is upon us & it looks like a wild ride, ready or not: The signature astro of this new chapter is Pluto/Saturn digging up the foundations beneath us -unearthing all kinds of skanky shizz we're ready to detox & be rid of. Which ok is pretty confronting, but what a relief to purge and move on with fierce, transformative, rigorous determination to thrive... Also Uranus in Taurus says good luck with any defunct structures or security issues we've been hanging onto thus far -lol they;re falling apart as we speak, aint gonna happen. Which is so liberating, to think outside the square & necessarily embrace radical new ways of doing things. Because the raw, pri


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Mars charging into Sag from the 4th, and whoa baby you’re ready to embrace 2020 with full, primal, spunky vitality & plenty of raw energy to burn-look out world you’re on fire! And lucky, because you want to be at the top of your game to deal with Pluto/Saturn digging deep into your money/survival/security issues right now. I mean no offence but you are possibly the most financially bonkers sign of all. As in you’re perfectly capable of earning good coin IF it doesn’t interfere with your unfettered, free-range lifestyle; so you’ve gotta be very good at what you do and/or constantly hustling a precarious income, whic


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn stripping back the ideas you have about your current life plans, to reveal the bare bones of the belief systems that have been driving you thus far, and where they might need to be fundamentally tweaked in order to move into 2020 with full, authentic clarity of purpose: And luckily, you’ve never been one to back down from confronting your own shizz, doing the shadow work to face your demons & rise up singing with renewed self awareness & taking responsibility for clear intentions, to be the master of your own destiny like the phoenix that you are right? Right?? Because ok, Saturn in your ideas sector is temptin


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn stripping back the dynamics going on in your home/personal life; to reveal the primal, fundamental undercurrents bubbling under the surface –it’s getting real! Because there are 3 main imperatives converging here: Saturn wants security and certainty around property/family/domestic issues-you want to know where you stand and a solid foundation from which to build your life. But Pluto is fuqing over any compromise re this, volatile as hell & frankly ready to tear it all down & start from scratch. Which is only exacerbated by Jupiter wanderlust- you’re craving the personal freedom to explore new pastures & a more posi


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with the most divine, playful permission to have fun with creative expression in the world-lucky you! Meanwhile the Pluto/Saturn conjunction is digging up most people’s deep dark shizz right now-poor things facing their shadows. And Neptune in your relationship sector is how to manage porous boundaries with other people’s issues- full, sensitive compassion without taking on non-you stuff is your challenge right now. Because the thing is that you seem to be the sign spared the worst of this crazy astro. Your most pressing imperative is to dig deep & come to terms with your most powerful talent/creative exuberance, stop making excuses


LEO/LEO RISING So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn peaking a hard yakka work ethic in your day-job sector –and it’s game on to get professional stuff done with gritty determination this year! And ok the tension here is between Saturn maybe wanting to plod along & maintain the work/lifestyle status quo –because god forbid you would rock the boat & threaten whatever security/comfort zone you have worked so hard to establish for yourself? Yeah but lol, good luck with that. Between Uranus electrifying your biz sector with sudden change impulses, Pluto gagging for primal, foundational overhaul of your entire work paradigm & lucky Jupiter full of restless, positive confidenc


CANCER/CANCER RISING So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn peaking a conjunction in your partnership sector, to drive home the emphasis on Cancerian relationships this year. I mean lucky you are such a tribal creature & truly value your loved ones, because no way are you living in a solo bubble right now; it’s all about the quality of interpersonal connection. Especially with lucky Jupiter involved by the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th, your beautiful, innate emotional intelligence is key to working with the pressure cooker vibe of certain connections in your life: On one hand Pluto triggers any unresolved interpersonal shizz & Saturn applies a forensic analysis of the under


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Mars energising your love/partnership sector, confirming the emphasis on Gemini mating season with a rocking Pluto/Saturn conjunction in your sex/intimacy sector peaking this month: Because the sheer, smoking hot passion of Pluto is provoking deeper feelings than ever - desires are running high & it’s sexy, volatile & transformative as fuq! And Saturn is the emotional hard yakka required; if you’re looking to build enduring commitment with someone special/or ride some game changing love affair just because it’s so goddamn real -there’s never been a better time, if you can hack the intensity? Or assert healthy boundaries if no


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING I mean as if it wasn’t enough having Uranus sparking radical personal growth impulses through your being for the next several years, your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn churning up your most restless desire for transformative adventure in your life –yep its on baby! You are officially looking at an awesome, game changing new chapter of your life, that breaks all the previous rules you thought you had comfortably set for yourself. But it’s not just random change for the sake of it-as if, with your fiercely practical nature. It’s an intelligent, empowered, weirdly strategic take on revolutionising the Taurus agenda. You know how to focus an eagle eye on


ARIES/ARIES RISING So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with a rocking Pluto/Saturn breakthrough AND lucky Jupiter in your sector of worldly success, and Mars revving up your adventure sector there’s pretty much no holding you back this year, baby… So how do you unlock your sense of vocational purpose right now? Power trips! You don’t take orders well at the best of times & not one to back down if you’re being pushed around-and certain authority figures in your professional life are more likely to be trying it on, which could be interesting. Same goes if you’re trying to flex your muscles with any underlings-they’re gonna fight back! So it’s tempting to do nuclear meltdown if provoked &


PISCES/PISCES RISING So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Mars energising your biz sector, in sync with Chiron trying to solve any glitches in your earning paradigm & maximise your whole do something you truly love for a living inspo. Fab, but also revving up your vocational success is all about looking at the Saturn/Pluto conjunction rocking your social/networking sector right now. This represents a seismic shift in your broader aspirations/true sense of purpose in the world- which luckily you’re mutable enough to embrace with beautiful adaptability. And also a necessary reality check about the tribe/social scene/like minded folks or organisations you want to be associated with, to


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Saturn & Pluto drilling down on disciplined spiritual/shamanic personal growth in your soul sector; which is only a taste of just how fiercely self aware & empowered you’re going to be with Saturn in your sign during 2020: Because this month is like a Pandora’s box of revealing, & facing any deep, unconscious issues & motivations that have been pretty much driving your behaviour for a while now. It’s a treasure trove of rich personal potential down there, in the psychic basement where your personal demons lurk; and if you can conquer them with illuminated self-awareness your most inspired, transcendent sense of true purpo


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with the powerful Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, so you are officially the sign most likely to get just how game changing the coming year is going to be. You’re already strapped in & ready for a transformative trip-and you won’t be disappointed. This is primo astro to stand in the flame of whatever primal regeneration is occurring in the deepest level of your being/or structures previously dear to your security consciousness pretty much burning down around you –and rise up singing like a phoenix on the other side; freer of some illusions & with a way more powerful internal locus of power-that no-one can take away fro